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My Top 3 Crystals For Welcoming Love Into Your Life

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I often work with lovely beings who are ready to welcome their Soulmate into their Life. We work together through my distance Reiki sessions, online Reiki trainings, or if they are already Reiki practitioners, through the Reiki Mentorship sessions I offer.

I always find it beautiful that so many people are being guided to Reiki to help them align with their Soulmate relationship.

The Energy of Reiki is the same as the Energy of Love. Reiki opens you up to the Divine Love that is always here for you; to your Source, your angels, your guides, to the Universe itself. It's a wonderful thing that so many are intuitively recognizing that the path to their dream relationship is by aligning with Love itself. When you open up to Love, and keep that light, easy, playful, joyful energy alive within yourself, the relationship you've been wanting has to come to you.

Crystals can be a wonderful help in finding the vibration of Love and embodying it more consistently. Keeping a crystal (or a few) in your energy field can help you to relax into the Love that is always here for you. As you feel that Divine Love embracing you, nourishing you, guiding you, and assisting you, you'll feel more open and receptive to welcoming in a healthy, happy relationship that has its basis in Love.

Here are my top 3 crystals for welcoming Love into your Life:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz carries the vibration of unconditional Love. It is beautiful for helping you to love and honour yourself. It wraps you up in feelings of deep peace, comfort, and Well-Being. Rose Quartz opens you up to the Divine Love that your Source and your angels are always flowing to you. It helps you to align with that Love and embody it.

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals to call in your dream relationship. It bathes you in the frequency of Love and helps you become a magnet for that Soulmate Love that is ready to flow to you. It also enhances and supports your existing relationships with friends and family.

If you are wanting children, Rose Quartz is also excellent to support fertility, pregnancy, and an easy birth. It's also a lovely crystal to help smooth the transition into motherhood. Babies and children find it particularly comforting as well, so it's nice to have in your little one's room.


Amethyst carries a soft, soothing, uplifting energy. It helps calm the mind and body, and opens you up to the Loving guidance of your Source and your angels. It's a crystal that allows you to find your natural state of empowerment at a steady, comfortable pace.

Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to align you with the energy of Divine Love. It supports intuitive abilities, and helps you trust your natural guidance, which is always important when you are welcoming new Love into your Life.

Amethyst brings a feeling of balance, stability and Well-Being into your energy field. It helps you feel secure and whole on your own. When you find that place of stability and security within yourself, then you'll be in a wonderful position to attract someone who is in that place as well, which will set your relationship off on the perfect footing.

Ruby Aura Quartz

Ruby Aura Quartz is another crystal that is beautiful for aligning with the Love of your Source and your angels. It helps you open your heart to Love. It's a very vibrant crystal that brings a steady improvement to your emotional state, helping you find feelings of passion, enthusiasm and joy.

Ruby Aura Quartz is also lovely for helping open communication with the realm of Spirit. It enhances intuitive abilities, and helps you flow with the natural current of your Life, making it easier for you to allow the relationship you've been asking for to come in.

Ruby Aura Quartz is one of those crystals that just feels so good to look at. It's bright colour, the beautiful shapes that lie within it, and the uplifting energy it exudes just makes you feel happy. When you find that state of happiness within yourself consistently, you naturally attract happy experiences; including that beautiful, Soulmate relationship you've been dreaming of.

I hope these crystals are helpful to you in your journey to welcoming in the Love that you desire and deserve. Fill yourself up with Love first, let that be consistent within you, and the Universe will bring your Soulmate right to you.

If you have questions, or would like some assistance selecting the perfect crystal(s), feel free to reach out, I'm always here to help. ❤

You can find all three of these crystals in the Reiki Infused Crystal Collection.


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