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My Top 3 Crystals For Self-Love

Self-love is such an important quality to nurture. In our entire lifetime, the person we will spend the most time with is our own Self, so it is valuable to develop a relationship with yourself that is filled with loving care.

To me, self-love is the ability to be kind and gentle with yourself. It is to understand that all of your emotions are valid and okay. Loving yourself is about holding space for yourself wherever you're at, and gently reaching for thoughts and feelings that bring you a sense of ease and comfort.

This loving care is what helps us be our happiest, healthiest, and most vibrant Self. When we treat ourselves well, focus on thoughts that feel best, and do kind things for ourselves, we are in resonance with who we really are; powerful, joyful Creators who are here to live a wonderful life.

To me, that's what true self-Love is; allowing yourself to be who you really are.

I love the beautiful energy that crystals provide for this purpose. Crystals, with their pure, uplifting vibration, soothe and soften our energy. They help us remember that Love is the best way to approach all things.

Here are my top 3 crystals to inspire and encourage self-love:

Rose Quartz

The quintessential crystal of Love, Rose Quartz offers a steady vibration of pure, Divine, unconditional Love and Well-Being. It's one of my favourite crystals; I love using it to uplift my own energy, for my distance Reiki sessions and online trainings, and my little kitty Trillium adores napping with it too.

Rose Quartz has a beautiful, soft, feminine energy; it brings a sense of peace and harmony to those who work with it. It's a wonderful crystal to encourage one to feel love for themselves and others. It's also lovely for attracting a loving relationship, and is very supportive for enhancing love in all existing relationships.

For those who are eager to welcome a baby into their lives, Rose Quartz supports fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth. It's wonderful to work with or wear when preparing the body and mind to conceive, to regulate menstrual cycles, and during pregnancy and the birthing process. It helps mama-to-be relax into the natural process of welcoming this new Soul into her body and being, and make the transition into motherhood with comfort and ease.


Traditionally known as the crystal of abundance, Citrine is a wonderful crystal to encourage joy. It helps you remember that your natural state of being is one of pure, infinite abundance, and that the way to allow this abundance into your life is to find a state of joy.

Citrine offers a warm, comforting, uplifting energy that encourages an optimistic view on life. It's a beautiful crystal to help you make gentle transitions into expecting the best for yourself and others; truly a quality that will support you in all aspects of your life.

Working with Citrine can help you step into a state of true empowerment; recognizing that the way you feel is important, and the better you feel, the more open you are to receiving all the blessings that life is offering you.

Citrine is absolutely lovely for all business ventures; helping one align with their vision of a prosperous, abundant business. It's a wonderful crystal to allow a steady and constant flow of prosperity into your life.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a beautiful crystal to open up to your connection with the Divine. To me, this is what self-Love is all about; allowing yourself to be Loved by your Divine Self: your Source, your angels, and all the Non-Physical Beings that are always present with you.

Clear Quartz is known as a Master Healer. It's an amazing crystal for all types of healing work. Healing truly is about allowing yourself to soften into your natural Well-Being, into a state of ease, comfort, and Love. Clear Quartz helps you come into this remembrance as you work with it.

Spending time with Clear Quartz will open you up to your connection with your angelic family. It strengthens your connection with Source, and helps to deepen and enhance your intuitive abilities.

It's one of the best crystals to help one understand the natural process of manifestation; knowing how to allow your intentions to unfold seamlessly and comfortably into your life. This is knowledge that you were born with, and Clear Quartz can help you soften into that knowing over and over again.

I hope these crystals will inspire and encourage you on your path to finding more love for yourself. If you have questions, or would like a little crystal assistance with anything, feel free to reach out, I'm always here to help. ❤

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