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How To Create A Vision Board To Manifest Your Dreams

Updated: May 27

Several pictures are laying on a white table, along with some crystals.

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉

Now that 2024 has arrived, it's likely that you're giving some thought to what you would like to welcome into your life this year.

One of my favourite tools for getting clear and focused on your desires is to create a vision board. A vision board (or a dream board) is such a beautiful way to align your energy with your intentions. It's a fun project that only takes an afternoon, and it's a wonderful way to begin the new year.

Here are a few tips on how you can create a vision board that can help you manifest your dreams this year:

Several pictures are laying on a white table, along with crystals and a pair of scissors.

Gather your supplies.

Start collecting the things you will need for your vision board. A poster board, trifold, bulletin board, or picture frame are all lovely backdrops for your vision board. Gather up magazines that align with your intentions for the year. If you have specific ideas for your board, search the web for pictures you can print out. You can even add your favourite angel cards or affirmation cards to your board.

Using washi tape (or pins if you are using a bulletin board) is also a nice idea - that way you can easily take down the things that have manifested, and put up new desires during the year!

Set aside a few hours to put your vision board together.

The creation of your vision board can be a special and sacred experience. Set aside a couple hours in the afternoon or evening where you can have some private time to put your board together.

Gather up your favourite crystals, and have a cup of tea nearby too. Play some gentle music in the background to set the mood.

You may like to quiet your mind with a short meditation before you begin. You can talk to your Source and your angels and ask them to guide you in the creation of your board as well.

And then, let your heart lead.

A woman is placing a picture on her vision board. She is wearing a turquoise bracelet.

Place your vision board where you'll see it each day.

The placement of your board is important, and something that you'll want to give some thought to.

It's nice to hang your vision board somewhere private, so that only your eyes will see it. This is important when you are gaining confidence in your ability to manifest what you want. The more private your desires are, the more power and momentum they gain.

If you live alone, you may find a lovely spot for your board in your bedroom, office, or family room. If you live with a significant other, or family with whom you have a good relationship, you may feel comfortable enough to have it on display where just you and your loved ones can see it. Sometimes, it can even feel nice to tuck your board in a closet (you can pin it to the wall) and go to see it each morning and night.

You are the only one who knows where the right placement for your vision board is. Trust your guidance on this one. When you find a spot that makes your heart feel uplifted, you can know that's the correct placement for you.

Practice appreciation.

The fastest way to align your energy with the intentions you have on your vision board is to practice thoughts and feelings of appreciation.

Appreciate your life as it is right now. Be thankful for the simple things, like a hot cup of tea, the cozy home you live in, warm slippers on your feet, the beautiful sunshine outside, the lovely interactions you have with others, the food you prepare for yourself and your family...the list goes on.

The more you appreciate and count your blessings, the more open you will be to receiving more wonderful things. As you practice appreciation, you'll begin to naturally dream about the things on your vision board, your internal stories will shift, and you'll be a powerful magnet for the blessings that are ready and waiting for you.

A vision board in a white frame is standing on a shelf beside a window, several crystals, and a small vase of flowers.

Vision boards are amazing tools for creating the life you want to live. The most important thing to remember when you are working with your vision board (or with manifesting anything that's important to you), is that the aim is to feel good now.

If your vision board starts to feel uncomfortable, then it's not serving you in the way it could, and it's a good idea to put it away for a little while. Focus on feeling better first, and then bring your vision board out again, and see how it feels.

As you pay attention to your emotions, work towards feeling happier, and practice appreciation, everything on your board will manifest swiftly and joyfully for you.

Wishing you an amazing New Year filled with everything you desire!

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