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Practicing The Art Of Thankfulness

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! This is such a lovely time to count our blessings, enjoy wonderful meals, and come together with our loved ones.

One of my favourite parts about this time of year is how we contemplate the things we are thankful for in our lives.

The Autumn harvest, the abundance of beautiful meals we make, our loved ones, the homes we live in, our furbabies, the lovely weather, the changing leaves on the trees…the list goes on.

In the Reiki teachings, there are a set of principles that we aim to live our lives by as Reiki practitioners. One of them is to count our blessings; to live a life of thankfulness.

There are so many things that happen when you decide to focus upon what you are thankful for. Today, I'd like to share a few benefits that come as a result of living a life of thankfulness.

You feel better.

When you have a conversation with yourself about the things that you are thankful for (and you can do this any time, any place), your energy lifts.

Your vibration naturally rises as you focus on counting your blessings. You become more in tune with your Source and your angels, who are only giving their attention to the good things in your life, and the things you are in the process of creating too.

You become a match to more good things.

The more often you focus upon what you are thankful for throughout your day, the more you will attract things that are of a similar vibrational frequency.

The Law of Attraction is always at work in your life, and what you focus upon will grow. Your vibration is evidenced by the way you feel, and so, the more uplifted you are feeling, the more the Law of Attraction will bring you things that feel good to you.

As you say thank you for the kind people you are meeting in the world, or the wonderful food you are enjoying, or the sweet moments you are having with your friends, the Universe will deliver more experiences like that to you.

And your life will just keep getting better and better.

You become open to receiving the things that you want.

This is one of the loveliest parts of living a life of thankfulness. When you are counting your blessings on a steady, consistent basis, and taking good care of yourself and the way you feel, you’ll naturally come into alignment with your heart’s desires.

You’ll notice that as you focus upon what you are thankful for, and that wonderful emotion of appreciation, love and happiness flows through you, you’ll begin to receive thoughts about what you want - and they will feel really good.

These are the times when you will have those beautiful daydreams, you’ll see signs that your desires are getting closer, and you’ll have the fun of witnessing the Universe deliver the things you want right to you.

The art of thankfulness can bring so many wonderful benefits to your life. It truly is something worth practicing.

Just remember that you don’t need to be thankful 24 / 7. You are a human being, and it’s natural to have moments when you feel a little down. That’s part of life, and it’s okay.

But, the more you lean towards counting your blessings, the more the Universe will have the opportunity to show you how how truly blessed you really are.

Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, and becoming a Reiki practitioner, you can find more info about my Online Reiki Trainings here.


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