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The Spiritual Principles of Reiki

Updated: Jan 25

A rose quartz heard surrounded by crystals and pebbles. Gentle lights are dancing in the background.

You all have been so eager and enthusiastic about the session offerings lately, especially the Distance Reiki Sessions, and the Online Reiki Trainings.

I have been loving sharing the beautiful energy of Reiki with you, especially during this time in our collective evolution. Reiki provides such a sense of comfort and grounding, and of course, allows healing to naturally take place within us.

Today, I thought it might be a nice idea to share the Spiritual Principles of Reiki with you as well. These are the principles that we, as Reiki practitioners, aim to live our lives by.

A woman's hands are holding to red flowers. There are green trees in the background.

Just for today, I will let go of anger.

Just for today, I will let go of worry.

Today I will count my many blessings.

Today I will do my work honestly.

Today I will be kind to every living creature.

These spiritual principles are a simple way to live your life with more ease, peace, love and joy. They are a way to enhance your connection with your Source and your angels, who are the true Source of Reiki.

I always suggest to my Reiki students that they print out these principles and read them each morning, as a way of reminding themselves of what their intentions are for the coming day. It's a nice way to remember what is truly important.

If you happen to find yourself in an angry or worrisome moment during the day, it’s okay. This is when the practice of letting go comes in. As soon as you recognize that you would like to let go, and feel better, do so.

A woman's hands are submerged in water and there is a white flower between them.

Let go of the discomfort. Turn your attention to your blessings. Offer yourself Reiki if you are a practitioner. Take a walk. Take a nap; rest if you need to. Do whatever you can to surrender the issue; place it in the capable hands of your Source and your angels, and trust that it is being taken care of.

Letting go is a powerful practice. We are not living in our physical world to control every single thing; we could not do this if we tried. But we always have the ability to focus ourselves into a place of comfort, and ease, and Well-Being; back into connection with who we really are.

It's in this state of ease, that the magic truly begins to happen in your life. Letting go allows you to come home to the frequency of your Source and your angels; to the frequency of Love.

When you practice coming home to Love, you allow the precious desires that you hold in your heart to unfold in perfect order. Love allows healing to take place within you. Love softens your mind, opens your heart, and brings your body into complete balance.

Love helps you to attract only the things you would consider to be good into your personal world.

Love is powerful. And Love is what Reiki truly is.

You can learn more about Distance Reiki Sessions here, and the Online Reiki Trainings here.


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