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  • Naaz

My Morning Spiritual Practice

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

I'm a big believer in starting my day with mindfulness. It's something that I teach in my Reiki trainings, and it's what I strive to live, every single day.

Having a consistent morning spiritual practice offers so many wonderful benefits. It helps you align with the Love of your Source and your angels. You feel calmer and steadier throughout your day. You can more easily understand which thoughts to engage with, and which to let go of. You feel supported, held, and guided throughout your day. And the things you want can more easily flow into your Life.

Today, I'd like to share my morning spiritual practice with you. Perhaps it can help you take some baby steps towards creating your own mindfulness practice, or inspire you to include something new in your morning routine.

I begin my day pretty early, at 4:50am. I usually wake up between 4:30-4:40am, and so I take some time to relax and appreciate the comfort of my bed, my sheets, my pillow, and my blanket. Focusing in this way allows me to get my thoughts flowing in a positive direction, and sets the tone for my day.

When I get out of bed, I'll take 15 minutes to do some oil pulling. I love oil pulling. I use organic, virgin, coconut oil, and swish that oil around in my mouth. Oil pulling has lots of wonderful benefits, but I love it most for the energy and refreshment it brings to my mind and body.

As I oil pull, I'll take some time to journal. I start my day by journalling my blessings. And I return to my journalling practice throughout my day; writing down the things that are working well for me, and the things I appreciate about myself, others, and my world.

After that, I brush my teeth, feed my cat, and enjoy a glass of warm water with lemon. I'll usually have a small piece of fruit at this time. And then, it's back to bed for meditation.

I do a 20 minute meditation each morning. I sit comfortably in bed, propped up by my pillows. I use an app called myNoise, set a timer for 20 minutes, and simply listen to the sound of white noise. As my mind wanders, I just bring it back to the sound, over and over again. I find white noise to be incredibly soothing, and it really helps me quiet my mind.

After meditation, I have my prayer time, and then more journalling time. And then, I'll offer myself Reiki for 15 minutes. I love placing crystals on my body during Reiki. I use whatever crystals I feel guided to. I typically use 3 at a time, placing them on their corresponding chakra points.

And then, I'm ready for my day! My practices are complete by about 6:30am. I always feel so much better after my morning spiritual practice; ready for my day, and more connected and at peace.

A morning mindfulness practice is such a beautiful way to honour and love yourself. The morning hours can be a very sacred time. Gifting yourself the time for solitude; to connect with who you truly are, sets the tone for your day.

And it sets you up for a Life that is filled with the joy and abundance that is your birthright. ♥


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