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Crystal Spotlight: Moonstone

It's time for another edition of the Crystal Spotlight series! Today, our focus is on magical Moonstone. Moonstone has a special place in my heart. It was one of the very first crystals I started working with.

I have a beautiful Grey Moonstone, that I used to support my connection with my intuitive abilities when I became a Reiki Master. This crystal gave me so much comfort when my dad made his transition into the non-physical realm. I worked with it endlessly, and it allowed me to connect with his spirit in a very powerful way.

These days, whenever I see Moonstone in a shop, I always have to pause to admire it. I love the various shades it comes in and the beautiful energy it holds. It truly is a stone of feminine, intuitive magic, and it definitely is one of my favourite crystals!

What Is Moonstone?

Moonstone comes from the feldspar family of minerals. Feldspars are the most abundant mineral on Earth. Moonstone is found in Armenia, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka and the United States.

Carrying blue or white sheens, (known as a 'schiller'), it resembles the appearance of the moon. Moonstone occurs in beautiful shades of peach, blue, grey, white, and a colourful variety known as Rainbow Moonstone. Since ancient times, Moonstone has been an embodied connection to the magic of the moon.

Moonstone Healing Benefits:

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal to support one in accepting love in all its forms. It has a soothing energy that nurtures the heart. Moonstone brings emotional balance, and helps us to understand that joy and optimism are emotions that are natural to us. It is known as the stone of new beginnings.

A powerful crystal for attracting Soul Mate love, Moonstone nurtures healthy sexuality and stimulates the kundalini energies. It's energy nourishes the entire reproductive system, and is a beautiful stone to support conception, pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

This crystal does carry a feminine energy and is a wonderful talisman for women, but men can also benefit from its energy as well. Moonstone helps men to connect with their intuitive, emotional sides, and supports them in finding balance in every aspect of their lives.

Moonstone allows us to soften the divide between physical and Non-Physical. It helps us to remember that the world of physical originates and continues to be supported by Non-Physical energies, and reminds us how to connect back to these powerful energies. It strengthens the intuition and allows us to be more receptive to the world of Spirit.

Moonstone is also a lovely crystal for children. It supports their emotional balance and helps them find independence and stability, as they navigate new experiences.

A Moonstone Healing Ritual:

Bring your Moonstone, along with your journal, into a comfortable meditation space. This can be a special room, your bed, couch, or even outdoors under a favourite tree. Make sure your Moonstone has been recently cleansed, with sage, incense or Reiki.

Set a timer for 15-20 minutes. Place your Moonstone in your lap, your hands, or set it down in front of you. Close your eyes and get comfortable. You can either be sitting tall, with your back straight, or settled back into some cushions or pillows.

Begin to deepen your breath. Start to count your breathing here; breathe in for a count of 3, and breathe out for a count of 5. It should sound like this in your mind: "Inhale, 2, 3, exhale, 2, 3, 4, 5." You want your breaths to be nice and slow.

Once you've found this breathing pattern and are maintaining it comfortably, stay with it until you begin to feel a sense of detachment. You may feel a swoony sensation overtake you, or you may just simply feel more relaxed and at ease. Let this feeling envelop you for as long as you like, and when you're ready, turn your focus to your Moonstone. Ask your crystal if there is anything it would like you to know. Listen. If you find your mind wandering, or if you feel like you're trying to hard to hear, return back to your counted breaths.

Notice what comes up for you. Images may flash across your mind's eye, or words, numbers, or even colours. You may even feel sensations coming from your crystal into your body. Let the messages come. There's no need to effort or try here, you're just allowing them to unfold naturally.

When your timer goes off, gently bring yourself out of your meditation. Notice the surface underneath and around your body. Feel the sensations in your body. Slowly open your eyes. And when you're ready, journal your experience. Write down anything that came up. If nothing happens the first few times, it's okay. Just write down how the experience felt, even if it was something as simple as; I felt really relaxed, and I liked the feeling of my Moonstone being close by.

It's ideal to engage with this meditation daily. The more you work with your Moonstone, the more you will develop a relationship with it, and the more messages you will receive. In addition to doing this meditation, you can also bring your Moonstone into your dreamtime, by placing it near your bed, or underneath your pillow. Keep your journal nearby, and journal your dreams in the morning.

By connecting with the energy of your Moonstone, you'll find the she'll become a cherished friend. Take note as well, of any differences you find when working with her during the New and Full Moons! ♡

Do you have some special rituals you do with Moonstone? Share them with me in the comments below!

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