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The Best Crystals For Your Pets

Have you ever noticed that your dog or cat is really interested in the crystals that you have? Animals instinctually resonate with the high, loving vibrations that crystals carry, and they naturally understand the benefits of spending time with them.

All of our furry friends are naturally tuned to this high frequency of love and well-being. It's the main reason why we love them so much - because they help us to remember that all is well. There's nothing quite as soothing as feeling the purr of a cat in your lap, or watching a happy pup delightedly chasing their ball.

Animals have a way of bringing us back to our own innate desire to feel good, and it's always a nice thing when we can return the favour.

When I adopted my cat, Trillium, from the Calgary Humane Society, she was understandably a little nervous and took a bit of time adjusting to her new home. I had a scattering of crystals placed in various areas of our home, and one day I decided to see how she would react to rose quartz. I placed a few pieces under her bed and she immediately went over to her bed, snuggled in and fell fast asleep! I was amazed at how quickly she picked up on the energy, and from that day, I always offered her some crystal healing whenever she needed it.

Tuning into your pet's desire for some crystal time is an easy thing to do. You can place crystals in accessible areas for your furry friends to enjoy - smaller tumblestones underneath or near their bed / crate, larger pieces on windowsills, or even a geode on the floor where they can snuggle right up to it.

I have a few crystals on the windowsill of my Reiki room. I love having them there for the energy they provide for my space, but soon after placing them, I noticed Trillium was enjoying them as well! Every day, she'll hop on the windowsill and cuddle up to one of the crystals for a little catnap.

Introduce crystals to your furry friend slowly. Bring a crystal into your next cuddle session. Place it in your lap and notice if your pet shows a some curiosity towards it. Let them sniff it out, and investigate in the way that they know how. Often times they'll put a paw on it, or place their face next to it if they are resonating with its energy. Sometimes they'll even sit right on top of it!

If your pet is having a nap, you can bring one of their favourite crystals to their napping spot and place it close by.

Notice their reaction. They may open their eyes and move closer to the crystal, stretch a paw towards it, or again, lie right on top of it! Leave that crystal there if this is the case. They'll know when it's time for their healing session to end, and move to a new location.

It's always important to give your pet the space to decide how they feel about a crystal. They are wise souls and they always know what's best for them, so trust their instincts. If they show little interest in a crystal, they don't need it right now and that's perfectly okay. Sometimes your pet will love a crystal one day and be indifferent to it the next, and this is alright too. It just means they've received what they need from that particular crystal for now. They may return to it again when they feel called to it!

If you decide to place crystals underneath your furbaby's bed, make sure to cleanse them regularly! Every few days is ideal. Animals are very sensitive to energy, and because crystals transmute energy, you'll want to give them a regular cleansing to keep them bright and happy. You can use sound (a singing bowl or tingshas work well), sage, or incense to cleanse your crystal friends.

While all healing stones are wonderful for animals for various reasons, I have a list here of my three favourite ones that will do beautiful work for your pet!

You can start by introducing your pet to these one at a time, and see how they resonate with them. As they become more accustomed to having crystal energy in their life, feel free to add more!

Rose Quartz - One of my favourite healing stones for people and pets! Rose Quartz offers a steady vibration of unconditional love. It has a gentle energy that wraps animals in a feeling of pure well-being. It's wonderful for pets who are a bit stressed, or who are adjusting to a new environment. It's also a really nice everyday crystal to offer your pet some extra TLC.

Clear Quartz - Clear Quartz is known as the Master healing crystal. It resonates with the vibration of pure light and is a beautiful stone to balance your pet's energy. If your furry friend has some physical ailments, Clear Quartz is wonderful to support their healing process. It's also a good crystal to support your pet's energy, overall health and well-being.

Celestite - Celestite is a beautiful crystal to connect with angelic energy. It has a very gentle, calming and uplifting vibration. Animals are naturally tuned to the non-physical realm; they can see and translate the energy of non-physical beings with ease. Celestite is wonderful for inviting more of that loving angelic energy into your home, and it will bring a sense of peace and calm to your furbabies' lives as well.

Crystal healing is a wonderful way to integrate more love into your relationship with your pets. Animals do mimic our personal energy, and so the best way to love your pet is to love yourself first. The more content and happy you are, the happier your furry friend will be!

Also, please know that while this post mentions cats and dogs, of course it extends to all your animal family members!

Do you use crystals with your pets? Do they have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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