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My Top 3 Crystals For A Happy And Healthy Pregnancy

Prior to starting Earth Elements, I was a full-time Yoga Teacher. I taught in studios across the city and adored my work! I was hired on with a Fertility Clinic to help women get pregnant through the practice of Yoga, and it was then that my interest in supporting women through conception, pregnancy and birth was born (no pun intended!)

Since moving into the Reiki and crystal healing side of things, I have been so blessed to work with many women on their journey to motherhood. There have been so many amazing experiences I've had on the Reiki table with these wonderful souls and their spirit babies, that I will cherish forever.

The common theme I find with all mothers-to-be, is that they want to develop a sense of deep trust in their ability to receive, carry and nurture this new life. These lovely women want to wholeheartedly know that they are ready to become mothers and that they will intuitively understand how to navigate this new path.

What's really wonderful about Reiki is that it softens their concern right away. The Reiki Energy takes hold and helps them to remember who they really are. It helps them to let go - if only for a little while - of those beliefs that may be clouding their ability to know that they have got this. The Reiki helps them stop the mind chatter, step back into the place of their heart, and of their intuitive knowing.

I always like to gift my Reiki clients with crystals that they have intuitively chosen, and in the case of mothers-to-be, I give them some recommendations for crystals that will continue to support them energetically, help them release those old beliefs and remember who they really are. Today, I'm going to share my top 3 picks for crystals that will support a happy and healthy conception, pregnancy and birth!


Moonstone is such a beautiful crystal! It is a stone of Light, fertility and resonates with goddess energy. Moonstone is a lovely support for new beginnings. It assists all stages of the motherhood journey; conception, pregnancy, birth and post-partum. It's also a wonderful crystal to help balance hormones and the emotional body. It has a very soothing, uplifting energy and helps women embrace themselves as they are.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of Unconditional Love. It has a soft, feminine energy and nourishes the heart. Rose Quartz offers a sense of deep peace and well-being to those who work with it. It helps you develop a sense of trust in yourself, the Universe and its divine timing. Rose Quartz is a lovely support for fertility. It assists you in finding a sense of deep self-love and washes that love over all your relationships. It's a beautiful crystal to have on hand for your entire journey, and to keep in baby's room once he / she is born.


Carnelian is an empowerment crystal. It fills the body with life force and invites joyful energy into your being. It gifts you with the courage to change and dedicate yourself to a new path, which is so important when embarking on this journey! Carnelian helps you to have confidence in your ability to receive, carry, nurture and birth your baby, and to be a wonderful mother. It balances the entire reproductive system. Carnelian is a wonderful crystal to have close by for your birth as well!

I do offer jewellery to help support your fertility journey, as well as a Pregnancy Mala, for those of you who would like all three crystals in a special piece! If you would like a custom piece with one or all of these crystals, please feel free to get in touch with me via email: hello (at)!

Wishing you a beautiful and sacred journey to motherhood! ♡

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