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A Crystal Meditation To Open Your Heart

Meditation has become a part of my daily spiritual practice. There is nothing quite like starting your day out by quieting your mind, and experiencing the shifts and synchronicities that occur throughout the day as a result.

My personal meditation practice has shifted throughout the years. These days, I like to sit for about 20 minutes, listening to the sounds of a gentle rain through my favourite meditation app (it's Insight Timer, if you feel inclined to check it out!), and just allowing my mind to settle into that space of no-thought.

Depending on what's going on in my life, it's not always easy for me to allow that space of no-thought to happen, and on those days, I turn to a crystal meditation / visualization.

Today I would love to share with you one of my personal favourites: a crystal meditation to open / tune into your heart space. For this meditation, you'll need one of your favourite crystals; preferably one that is connected to the heart chakra. Rose Quartz, Jade, Aventurine, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Chrysoprase, or Strawberry Quartz are all good choices, but as always, go with your intuition when selecting a crystal.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position. You can be on a chair, on the floor, your couch or on your bed. I prefer meditating on my bed, propped up by my pillows. You can also try this lying down, but it tends to get really relaxing, and we don't want you to drift off to sleep (unless of course you are using it for that purpose)!

Hold your crystal in your hands or place it in front of, or beside you.

Close your eyes and just pause here for a few moments, getting comfortable and settling in.

Begin to deepen your breath. Breathe into your belly, so as you inhale, your belly will expand forward, and as you exhale, your belly contracts inwards.

Allow any tension to gently release from your body. Relax your shoulders, your jaw, and the corners of your eyes.

Continue on with this deep belly breath. As you feel your mind wander, just gently return back to your breath. Do this for as long as feels right to you.

Now, bring your mind to your crystal. If it's resting in your hands, notice how it feels, the texture of it. If it is placed beside of, or in front of you, just tune into its energy.

Start to envision your crystal as having an aura. Notice the colour of it, feel the warmth and radiance of it.

Allow the aura of your crystal to grow and expand. Let the aura of your crystal merge with your own. Feel your crystal's energy completely surrounding you and supporting you.

Now tune into your heart center. Notice the sound of your beating heart. Feel a sense of appreciation for all the wonderful work that your heart does for you, both physically and emotionally.

Allow the energy of your crystal; the aura of it, to surround your entire heart. Let your crystal's energy feed your heart, giving it anything it needs right now, physically and emotionally. Stay here as long as you like.

To come out of this meditation, release the visualization and tune back into your body. Notice and feel it supported by the floor, bed, or couch. Start to hear the sounds that are present around you. Allow your breath to come back to its natural rhythm. Gently open your eyes.

It's a nice idea to journal your experience and take note of things that came up! This is a beautiful way to connect with your crystals and tune fully into the wisdom of your heart. Hope you enjoy it! ♡

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