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New Crystal Necklaces Have Arrived!

Six crystal necklaces are sitting on a white background.

A couple months ago, I introduced a brand new collection of crystal necklaces.

These little beauties made me so happy as I was creating them. The sparkle, how dainty they are, and how wonderful they felt on, well, I just knew I had to add more of them to the shop!

Six more crystal necklaces are now available. You can read more about each of them below.

A rose quartz necklace is sitting on a white background.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional Love. It nourishes the heart, and offers a sense of deep peace and Well-Being to its wearer. A beautiful crystal for encouraging a love for oneself and others, Rose Quartz is excellent for calling in a loving relationship and supporting existing relationships in all their forms. It's also a wonderful support for fertility and pregnancy. Opens the heart chakra.

A citrine necklace is sitting on a white background.

Citrine is known as the crystal of abundance. It carries a warm, comforting energy that encourages happiness and an optimistic outlook. Citrine helps one step into their true empowerment and create the life they desire with ease. A beautiful crystal for all business ventures, helping one to allow a consistent flow of prosperity into their life. Opens the solar plexus chakra.

A clear quartz necklace is sitting on a white background.

Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and a crystal of Light. It helps its wearer strengthen their connection with Source. Wonderful to enhance clarity, Clear Quartz supports one's relationship with their angels and deepens intuitive abilities. An excellent ally for all types of healing work; balancing all the chakras and energy pathways in the body. A beautiful support for setting intentions and seeing them through to their full manifestation.

A rainbow moonstone necklace is sitting on a white background.

Rainbow Moonstone infuses one with the energy of joy and optimism. It is a crystal of Light and resonates with goddess energy. A beautiful support for new beginnings, it helps one trust in the natural flow of Life. Rainbow Moonstone assists with women's health and Well-Being, and is a wonderful aid for easy conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. A beautiful crystal to align with abundance consciousness, and open up to the frequency of Divine Love. Enhances intuitive abilities, and supports happy relationships. Opens the crown, heart, and sacral chakras.

An aquamarine necklace is sitting on a white background.

Aquamarine is connected to the energy of the ocean. It eases stress and brings a sense of peace and calm to the mind and body. Aquamarine carries a cleansing energy. It helps one go with the flow and embrace positive change. It is known as the crystal of the teacher, supporting clear and effective communication. Encourages empowerment, emotional balance, and enhances intuitive abilities. A wonderful support for meditation. Opens the heart and throat chakras.

An amethyst necklace sits on a white background.

Amethyst supports meditation and assists its wearer in communicating with their angels. This crystal helps one find resonance with their Source and step into their true power. Amethyst carries a soothing energy and is beautiful for healing the body on all levels. When worn regularly, it maintains a state of balance and Well-Being in one’s energy field, making it an ideal crystal for healers. Opens the crown chakra.

Like all Earth Elements jewellery and crystals, these necklaces are cleansed with sage and infused with Reiki before they are sent to you. The addition of these practices enhances the healing qualities of your piece.

I hope you enjoy the new additions to this collection. If you would like some assistance selecting the perfect necklace for yourself or for a loved one, feel free to reach out, and I'll be happy to assist.

Shop the new crystal necklace collection here.


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