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The New Meditation Mala Collection

Three sets of mala beads with red tassels on a white background.

I am so happy to share that a brand new collection of mala beads is here!

This is a set of 3 new malas, all of which are designed to support you in your meditation practice.

Meet the Rudraksha, Sandalwood, and Rudrani Malas, part of the Meditation Collection.

A rudraksha mala with a red tassel on a white background.

The energy of Rudraksha seeds is very supportive. On a spiritual level, they are believed to help one on their path to enlightenment. Rudrakshas assist with focus, meditation and support the flow of Energy in the body. These powerful seeds also help their wearer attune to the vibration of abundance and prosperity. They open the chakras, ease blood pressure issues, all the while bringing a sense of peace, calm and balance to those who wear them.

A sandalwood mala with a red tassel on a white background.

Sandalwood has a calming and peaceful scent that gently raises one's vibration, encouraging a connection to the Divine. It is known to support clarity, tranquility, and positive energy. Wearing sandalwood can boost the immune system and promote healing. It is traditionally known to assist with meditation. A lovely mala for enhancing one's ability to manifest their desires.

A rudrani mala with a red tassel on a white background.

Rudrani beads are the feminine counterpart to the Rudraksha seeds. Rudraksha and Rudrani malas are often kept together on sacred alters to signify balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself. Rudrani beads offer a steady vibration of positive energy. They provide a sense of peace, balance, and an open connection with the Divine.

*Please note that the Rudrani Mala isn't designed to wear as jewellery, but is created for mantra meditation or to place on an altar.

Three sets of mala beads laying at an angle on a white background.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful new malas. You can follow the links below to shop the collection.

And please feel free to tag me on Instagram @earthelementslove, with pics of your purchases. I always love seeing them in their new homes. ♡


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