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3 Feng Shui Tips To Invite More Love Into Your Home

The art of Feng Shui is such a wonderful way to enhance the energy of your space, and align with your intentions.

Many of us are looking to make our homes feel more comfortable and inviting; especially if we spend time working from home.

When your home feels good, you feel better. Caring for your home and making sure the energy is flowing well can help everything in your life unfold with more ease.

As we step into the month of February (where our minds naturally turn towards the subject of Love) I thought it would be a nice idea to share a few Feng Shui tips to help you invite more Love into your home.

Place a Rose Quartz near your front door.

Rose Quartz is the quintessential crystal of Love. It carries a very calming, peaceful energy, and surrounds your home with the vibration of Love.

Placing a piece of Rose Quartz near the front door will provide a beautiful, uplifting energy for you, your family, and your guests. It brings the message of "all is well", and offers a sense of comfort and balance to your home.

If you use a separate entrance for your home, like the garage, a mud room, or the back door, placing another piece of Rose Quartz in that area is a lovely idea. It will offer you a warm, loving welcome anytime you arrive into your home.

Place a pair of matching Rose Quartz hearts in the right hand corner of your home.

The far right-hand corner of your home is known as the Love and Relationships area. You can locate it by standing at your front door, and facing inwards to your home.

The Love and Relationships area is connected to your romantic, work, and family relationships, as well as your friendships. Placing a pair of matching Rose Quartz hearts in this area can bring more balance and ease to all of your relationships.

This crystal placement is also very helpful if you are wanting to attract a wonderful new partner. A pair of Rose Quartz hearts in this area can allow you to align with the Soulmate relationship you have been dreaming about.

Play uplifting music throughout the day.

Having gentle, soothing, background music can help you and your family members relax and feel more at ease. Chill jazz, slack key guitar, or relaxing classical music are all wonderful choices.

As the day progresses and you feel in the mood for something more upbeat, danceable, or more meditative, honour those preferences. Listening to joyful music feels so good, and it truly uplifts your mood, as well as the energy of your home.

I hope these simple tips inspire you to create a more Loving and peaceful home environment. Remember that your energy affects your space, and your space affects your energy. As you make gentle shifts in your space that help you feel good, you'll naturally align with everything that is important to you. ♡

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