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Reiki Level 1 at Junction 9 Yoga and Pilates

For those of you in the Calgary area who are interested in group Reiki trainings, I do have one more Level 1 training coming up in May at Junction 9 Yoga + Pilates!

This will be my last group Reiki training at Junction 9. I've so appreciated the time I've spent facilitating there, and the amazing souls I've had the pleasure to meet and reconnect with! My schedule is abundant these days, and it's simply time for me to let go of a few things. So, the group trainings and Yoga + Reiki classes are gently being released.

If you have been in one of my group trainings, and want to continue on with your Reiki journey with me, or if you aren't able to make the May dates, there is the option of moving into private Reiki trainings. These are such a lovely option, as it allows us to spend more one-on-one time together.

If you would like the experience of the group training (so many beautiful connections have unfolded in these classes!) I have more info for you below!

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that uses Universal life force energy for healing. It is an ancient method of hands-on healing that can be taught to anyone who is willing to learn. This powerful healing practice helps clear imbalances in the chakras and energy bodies, sending loving Universal energy to where it is most needed.

Reiki is a natural and gentle way to bring balance and harmony back to the entire being, and offers a sense of ease, security and well-being to those who receive it. It is a wonderful way to release stress, tune into your heart space and find peace and relaxation in your daily life.

The journey of the Reiki path is ongoing and personal to each person who embarks upon it. Reiki is a beautiful way to connect deeply with your Higher Self and move through your days with that wisdom fully present.

Reiki Level 1

Level 1 is focused upon self-healing. You'll learn the basics of Reiki and discover how to incorporate Reiki into your daily life. You'll explore how the healing process works, how to tune into the messages from your Source / angels, how to manage your own energy and use Reiki creatively.

Your registration fee includes a Reiki manual, Level 1 attunement, a crystal and 2 angel cards to support your Reiki journey, and lifetime email support.

In Level 1 you will explore:

- The history of Usui Reiki. - The chakras and energetic bodies. - How to tap into your intuitive abilities. - The Law of Attraction and how it relates to Reiki. - Meditation and how to establish a consistent personal practice. - How to protect and preserve your energy levels. - The role of crystals in Reiki and how to work with them in your personal practice. - How to use the power of Reiki to manifest your dreams. - Self-Reiki and offering Reiki to your personal items, crystals, plants and animals.

Dates: May 25th (1:30-7:30pm) + May 26th (1-7pm) Location: Junction 9 Yoga + Pilates, Calgary, AB Investment: $250

If you have questions about group or private Reiki trainings, or if you simply would like to connect, feel free to email me at! ♡

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