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Reiki Master Private Training Is Now Available!

I hope you've all had an amazing summer so far! Mine has been filled with trips to Village Ice Cream, hikes in the forest, spa time, and meeting some of the nicest people ever. It's been a summer of clarity; understanding who I am more fully, and embodying that more every day. I'm so happy to share that the Reiki Master private / self-study course is here! All 3 levels are now available in their private format.

As with Levels 1 + 2, you will receive a manual via email with exercises that you can complete at your own pace. Once you have completed your manual, you'll schedule your one-on-one session, where I'll answer your questions about how to live your life in tune with the teachings of Reiki. During this time, you will also receive your attunement, as well as intuitively chosen angel cards, and a crystal to further support your Reiki journey.

Reiki Master also includes a one hour Reiki session with me, 2 practice client sessions, and attunement practice with another Reiki Master.

You can complete your hours at your own pace, anytime from Monday-Saturday, between 1-6:30pm. Once you have completed your hours, you will receive your certificate!


Reiki Master is all about stepping into your full Soul power. The Master class offers you a deep connection to the practice of Reiki, and helps you commit to your own personal path of spiritual growth and joy. In this level, you will explore the meaning of your eternal relationships, how to live your truth, find complete resonance with your Source, attract all that you desire into your life experience, and embody the Love that is at the core of who you really are. The Master Path is also known as the Teacher's Path.

Those who complete their Reiki Master training have the option to teach Reiki courses in the Usui tradition. However, there is no requirement to teach Reiki once you have received your Master level. Many people come to Reiki Master courses for the sole purpose of receiving the attunement.

Your registration fee includes:

- A Reiki manual with exercises to be completed at your own pace. - A one hour Reiki session. - A one-on-one session, where you can have your personal questions answered about how to apply the teachings of Reiki to your life. - A Reiki Master attunement. - A crystal and 2 angel cards to further support your Reiki journey. - 2 half hour practice client sessions. - One hour of attunement practice with another Reiki Master. - Lifetime email support.

In Reiki Master you will explore:

- How to deeply connect with your Source / angels, and the Universe at large. - What your personal spiritual path means to you, and how to live your truth on a daily basis. - How to become the Masterful Creator of your life experience. - Your relationships with others and how to elevate them to the highest levels of Love. - Sacred symbols to access the full power of Reiki. - A deeper understanding of the process of manifestation. - What Unconditional Love truly means and how to become an example of it. - How to teach a Reiki course and find your voice as a teacher. - How your client sessions will shift and how to offer a deeper Reiki experience to those who come to you for healing.

Investment: $395

Looking forward to working with you! ♡

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