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  • Naaz

The Magic Of Appreciating What You Have

If you've ever been to one of my Reiki trainings, you'll know that I am completely in love with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Their message of love, Well-Being and empowerment resonate deep in my heart. They truly are my spiritual teachers.

One of the wonderful practices that I have received from these teachings, is the magic of appreciation.

Appreciation is akin to counting your blessings and looking for the best in things.

According to Abraham, it differs from gratitude. When you are grateful for something, you are still holding onto the vibration of what you have overcome. When the vibration of what you no longer want to experience is still in your energetic mix, then you are still attracting the essence of the experience that you want to leave behind.

Appreciation is a purer vibration. It harmonizes with the energies of love, bliss, and total Well-Being. It's when you are focused on a subject so completely that you are immersed in its positive qualities. When you appreciate something, you are tuning yourself to the best of everything. You are embodying a frequency that allows more wonderful things to come.

The Law of Attraction is always at work in our lives. Whatever we focus upon; whatever we are thinking about, causes a resulting emotion. The way we feel is an indicator of how we are vibrating in any moment in time.

The Law of Attraction is always responding to the way you feel.

So, when you are appreciating, purely, you feel wonderful. The more wonderful you feel, the more wonderful things flow to you, because you are attracting them from that high-flying state of being. And the more you appreciate, the easier it is to maintain that, because Law of Attraction makes it so.

It's not the easiest thing in the world to jump from a place where you have been more focused on what isn't working, to finding thoughts of appreciation, and again, that's because Law of Attraction is at work here.

According to these beautiful teachings, when you focus on a thought for as little as 17 seconds, momentum ensues. Once you hit the 68 second mark, the process of manifestation has begun.

So if you've been focused in ways that have you feeling not so great, appreciation has to come in baby steps. Always start with things that are easy! Maybe for you, that's your animal companion, your favourite activity, or your favourite person.

Next time you are feeling good, and you have a few moments to yourself, take some time to begin this process of appreciation. Think of this easy subject and think about why you love this animal, thing, or person. What are their best qualities? What lights you up about them? What are the wonderful things they do? How do they make you feel?

Just a couple minutes of appreciation here and there as you move throughout your day, can make a big difference in the way you feel.

And once you have that pattern going for just a few days, you'll notice a difference in what flows to you. The people you attract will be lovelier, you'll get things done with more ease, life will feel sweeter.

As you continue to build your appreciation momentum, you'll notice it will feel easier and more delightful as you continue to appreciate all the beautiful things in your life. You'll find yourself naturally and easily appreciating, counting your blessings, and feeling so much more like the loving being you are meant to be.

The Universe responds so quickly to how you feel, and when you take the time to adjust the way you feel by virtue of what you choose to focus upon, the Universe will show you evidence of your newfound vibration. All of a sudden, those desires you have held close to your heart will start showing up all around you and it won't be long before they manifest fully into your life experience! All because you decided to choose your direction of thought and tend to the way you feel.

Manifestation is a simple and easy process once you get the hang of it. And what a wonderful journey life becomes when you choose to love and appreciate every bit of it.

What are some of the wonderful things you appreciate in your life? Share them with me in the comments below!

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