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A Meditation To Connect With The Soul Of Nature

I'm a big believer in the benefits of meditation. It supports your physical body in so many ways: it reduces stress, accelerates the healing process, helps your brain to function more optimally and promotes a deeper sleep. And that's just really scratching the surface about what scientists have discovered about meditation so far.

The emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation run deep. A daily meditation practice supports your ability to connect with the whole of who you really are. Some people term this your Soul, God Force, the Universe, etc. When you take the time to quiet your mind, you are accessing a very powerful energy that knows you, loves you and wants to guide you to where you want to go.

Every morning, I begin my day with 20 minutes of meditation. I do my meditation shortly after I wake up, before my day really has time to get going. I find that during this soft, quiet time in the morning, I am more easily able to release my own thoughts and allow this natural communication between my Soul and I to take place.

Everything is easier in my life when I take the time for my daily meditation practice. I feel better, my day is smoother, I am more easily able to handle challenges, and I feel more supported. I can hear my intuition more effectively and as a result, my life is just happier. It's such a lovely self-care practice!

In addition to my morning meditation, I like to take time to reconnect more deeply with my Soul as I move through my day. I often will take an afternoon walk and take few minutes to sit on the Earth for a short meditation. I find that this helps me to stay in that centered place and keep my positive momentum flowing as my day unfolds.

When I meditate outside, not only do I have the benefit of connecting to my own Soul, but I connect with the Soul of Nature as well. That powerful, loving Universal energy is one that permeates all things and that connects us all to each other. When I tune into that flow outdoors, I feel the resulting shift that takes place within me, mirror itself in the outside world. The birds start singing, the rabbits get closer, I can hear the trees gently rustling in the wind. This sacred time awakens me to the fact that everything is alive and is consciousness, and wants to play and engage with me.

It is my hope that with time and practice, this meditation will bring you beautiful experiences too!

- Begin by finding a comfortable place to sit, ideally right on the Earth. A patch of grass, leaning up against a tree is perfect. You can take your shoes off, if you like.

- Close your eyes and deepen your breath. Start to breathe right into your belly, so as you inhale, you feel your belly expanding forward, and as you exhale, you feel it contracting inwards. You can place your hands on your belly if this helps you. Stay here for as long as you like.

- Feel yourself relaxing. Allow your muscles to release their tension; let them soften. Allow all the muscles in your face to soften.

- Find a sound in the environment around you to focus upon. It could be the sound of birds singing, the sound of the breeze, or the sound of water flowing. Find your sound, and gently focus upon it. When your mind begins to wander, softly come back to that sound.

- You may start to feel a sense of detachment here, and may even feel a swooning feeling come over you. Stay here as long as you like.

- When you're ready to come out, deepen your breath once more. Notice the Earth beneath you, does it feel different? Listen to the sounds around you, do they sound different? Open your eyes. Does the world around you look different? Are the colours brighter, deeper? Notice the shifts and enjoy them. Move back into your day with a sense of appreciation for all the beauty that exists around you.

Let me know if you practice this meditation and how your experience unfolds! ♡

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