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How To Communicate With Your Angels

Today, I want to chat with you about angels. Those wonderful, powerful, loving beings who are always by your side.

Your angels are with you every moment of every day, offering you a steady stream of guidance. They are surrounding you with the energy of Love and Well-Being. Your angels are helping you with everything that matters to you, no matter how big or small it may be.

Your personal angelic team can be comprised of anyone that you feel a connection to; this may be certain deities, archangels, your loved ones who have passed on (humans and animals), your non-physical loved ones who knew you (and loved you) before you were born, and even your unborn children.

I've found that the key to feeling happier, more loved and supported, is opening up to the wisdom and guidance of my angels. When I move through my days and I'm in tune with these loving Beings, it's like the entire Universe has my back. Everything just unfolds with such ease and grace, and I feel the complete blessedness of having this energy by my side, surrounding me with unconditional Love.

The key to communicating with your angels is to raise your vibration to match the frequency of your angelic helpers. Angels exist at a high vibrational frequency, and in order to receive the guidance that they are constantly offering, you have to be a match to it.

Here are a few easy ways to effectively communicate with your angels:


Meditation is a simple and very effective way to begin to open up to the subtle energetic frequencies of the angelic realm. Choose a meditation style that feels good to you; this may be a guided meditation or a simple breathing meditation. It's a nice idea to meditate in the morning, before your mind has a chance to get to active; this way you'll be more receptive to the guidance coming forth.

After your meditation, journal anything that came up for you; images, words, colours, etc. As you get more skilled at clearing your mind, your angels will be able to communicate with you easily, and soon you will be having wonderful conversations with them during your meditation time (and all day long!)


Stream of consciousness writing is another way to connect with your angels. It's a good idea to partake in this ritual when you are feeling calm and relaxed; after meditation, a nice bath, when you wake up in the morning - anytime your mind is soft and at ease.

Talk to your angels before you begin this process. Take a moment to ask them anything that you would like to know. You can be really general with your question here, something as simple as, "What would you like me to know right now?" will work beautifully.

And then, just allow the words to flow. You may just have a few words, or a sentence or two that comes to you, or you may begin to write pages! You can tell the words have come from the angelic realm if they feel like a message of Love and Well-Being. If the words feel wonderful and comforting, that's how you know that message is coming directly from your angels.

Spend time in Nature.

When we are immersed in the heart of Nature, the natural Well-Being that is always surrounding us dominates our energy. That's why it feels so wonderful to be outdoors! When you're walking in the forest, or by the ocean, it's easy to be in a heightened place of receptivity, because you're in a state of appreciation and ease; and in that high vibration, the lines of communication are wide open between you and your angels.

Next time you are outside, enjoying a walk, bring to mind a being that you consider to be part of your angelic team. And allow yourself to feel their energy. You may feel a sensation in your body, or an animal may come into your line of vision, or your eyes may even be guided to a feather. Whatever way your angels reveal themselves to you, thank them and enjoy that special experience.

Use crystal energy to open you up.

Crystals are beautiful for supporting your connection to your angels! I did a blog recently on the crystals I first started using when I wanted to connect with my angels. The crystals in that blog are just a few suggestions; there are so many different types of crystals you can work with to nurture your intuitive abilities, and help you receive guidance from your angels more readily.

Some of my favourite angel crystals are: angelite, prehnite, moonstone, celestite, kyanite, amethyst, quartz, apophyllite, seraphinite and angel aura quartz.

Wearing these crystals as jewellery will help raise your vibration steadily and allow you to be more receptive to your angels as you move throughout your day. You can also place a crystal on your bedside table or under your pillow to connect with your angels in your dreamtime. Keeping a dream journal is a wonderful way to more easily translate the messages you receive during dreamtime.

You can place a crystal (or a few) on (or around) your body and just relax with them in a crystal healing layout, and journal what comes up for you afterwards. You can even place crystals around your home to continuously invite that loving angelic energy into your space.

I hope this gives you some guidance as to how to communicate more effectively with your angelic team. They love you so much and are so ready to support you in every way possible!

Do you have some favourite ways to invite the angels into your daily life? Share them with me in the comments below! ♡

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