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My Top 3 Crystals To Help You Connect With Your Angels

As a Reiki Master, I am often asked if I have psychic or mediumship abilities. The short answer is, yes, I do. I am able to see, hear and feel energy, and very often I will receive messages from my lovely clients and students' angelic guides. These are always very loving messages; things that these beautiful people need to hear in the moment, that will support them on their path.

There are almost always follow up questions to this answer; the most common one being: "Have you always been able to do this?"

And the answer to that is, no. I didn't always have this ability. Looking back, I did have a little glimmer of it though. Sometimes I would have very vivid dreams, and a few weeks or months later, I would find myself in the exact place in my dream, doing the exact thing I was doing in that dream. But that was the extent of it.

It wasn't until I started working with crystals and received my Reiki Master training (which all sort of happened around the same time), that my abilities started to blossom. I began to notice my intuition was deepening in a very strong way. I started having experiences with angels; first in my dream states, then in my meditations and then it moved into my waking life. I began to see non-physical energies. That led to me being able to hear them, and feel them and eventually, have conversations with them. That was four years ago, and since then, my abilities continue to blossom and flourish, the more I learn to work with these very loving and powerful energies.

So today, I want to share three crystals with you that have a special place in my heart! These are the ones I first started working with, that not only helped me to develop a stronger connection with my intuitive abilities, but also helped open up communication with my angelic helpers.


Kyanite was my very first crystal! It was recommended to me by a lovely woman who came in to do a space clearing on my home. She was also the one who told me that I had a very deep connection with the crystal realm.

Kyanite is such a powerful stone! It helps to raise your vibration and supports your intuitive and psychic abilities. It immediately aligns the chakras and energy bodies and offers a sense of calm and peace to those who work with it. Kyanite is one of the only two crystals on Earth that never needs to be cleansed (the other is Citrine) It's also a wonderful support for opening communication with others and with your Higher Self / angels / Source.

I had a Kyanite ring that I always wore when I first started working with it. At night, I would either leave it on, or place it underneath my pillow, and soon I started to find I was receiving wonderful information and guidance from my angels through my dream state. My dreams became more vivid and powerful as I integrated the energy of this beautiful crystal in my life.


On one of my first visits to a crystal shop, I saw a grey Moonstone palm stone. It was smooth and oval shaped, with beautiful streams of black and peach swimming through it. As soon as I saw it, I immediately picked it up and knew it was mine! It was exquisite, both in the way it looked, and the way it felt.

Moonstone is another crystal that is wonderful to connect with your intuitive abilities. It helps you tune into the invisible realms and is a beautiful support for women, as it helps us tune into our natural cycles, and supports all stages of childbirth; fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond. It's a beautifully nurturing stone, helping you accept yourself and tune into your natural, joyful power and connection with Source.

I always had my Moonstone close. I kept it in my bedroom and would meditate with it and bring it into my bed to sleep with. I eventually found a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone ring that I could keep on all the time, and my grey Moonstone moved to a special new place in the house.

When my father made his transition into non-physical, my grey Moonstone was the first crystal I went to. Through ritual and release, I was able to connect with the spirit of my dad, and thanks to this crystal, I now feel his loving energy with me all the time.


On one of my early trips to the crystal store, I was wandering around, just admiring the beautiful stones and enjoying their energy. One of the lovely ladies who worked there came up to talk to me and she placed a gorgeous chunk of Celestite in my open palm. Well, there was no turning back from that crystal once it was in my hand! It was far too beautiful and the energy felt amazing to me. So it had to come home with me!

Celestite is the quintessential angel crystal. It has a very gentle, soothing energy. It supports psychic and intuitive abilities, and helps you to trust the messages that you are receiving. It is such a wonderful crystal to open up connection with your angelic helpers and it helps soften any resistance you may be carrying. It really is a crystal that helps you know all is well, and always will be.

When I first brought home my Celestite, I placed it on my bedside table. I loved the sweet, gentle vibrations it offered. Eventually, it moved to my Reiki space, and I used it to help support the energies of my clients. Today, it sits on my kitchen island, right in the center of my home. I love my Celestite; it continues to help nurture my abilities and provides such a beautiful sense of love and peace to my space!

I hope these crystal suggestions help you on your journey of connection with your Source and your angelic helpers. Is there a crystal you love that has helped support your intuitive abilities? Feel free to share with me in the comments below! ♡

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