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What's On My Bookshelf {II}

I have a small bookshelf in my home right now, that is filled with books on spirituality and healing. It's often a point of conversation for those who come by for Reiki sessions and trainings; my lovely clients and students are always interested in the books I have, and usually ask for my recommendations.

For those who come to the Reiki trainings, I always encourage them to choose some books that feel interesting to look through over the course of the weekend.

That was what inspired the 'What's On My Bookshelf' series, and I realized it's been quite awhile since my first post! So it's time for a little update; here are three books that I've been loving lately:

The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am completely smitten with anything by Esther and Jerry Hicks and I am totally in love with the Abraham Hicks teachings! The Vortex has Abraham teaching us about relationships and our part in them; relationships with our parents, siblings, friends, government, animals, Soul Mates, and with our own Source / Soul / God Force. It also has sections on sexuality and how self-appreciation is the key to creating a joyful life experience. It comes with an amazing CD of an Abraham Hicks workshop as well.

I've read this book many times (just finished up another reading of it) and I feel like I continue to get so much out of it. This is one of those magical books where every reading will net you more knowledge and understanding of your place in this world and in the Universe.

Pocket Guide To Spirit Animals by Dr. Steven Farmer:

Spirit animals are a big part of my life. I often have different animals that join me on my journey as I move through different phases of my life. This is a compact little book that you can tuck into your purse / car / backpack, that is easy to reference when you come across an animal in your travels that you feel has special meaning to you. The descriptions aren't long, but they are in depth enough to give you insight and meaning as to what messages your spirit animals have for you.

Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski:

Another lovely compact little book, Crystal Therapy is a wonderful reference for the meanings of different types of crystals. It also has a wonderful section in the beginning of the book, talking about crystal healing and it's history as well as how to select your crystals and work with crystal grids. At the end of the book, there are sections on astrology, Feng Shui, chakras, and how they relate to crystal healing, as well as a list of crystals to help heal and support various physical / emotional states of being. I refer to this book a lot when I want some insight on a crystal's healing properties, or just want a refresher on the different ways in which a crystal can support me!

So there you have it! These are just a couple of my favourite books at the moment. I hope you enjoy these if you decide to pick them up, and that they give you as much value as they have given me. ♡

Feel free to leave me a comment on social media if you have any questions or if you have some of your own titles to recommend! As a bookworm, I am always looking for more reading inspiration!

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