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  • Naaz

A Love Letter To Reiki

It has been nearly 7 years since I became a Reiki practitioner, and almost 5 years since I became a Reiki Master. While my personal Reiki practice continues to shift and evolve as time goes on, in this moment, I feel more solid in it than ever.

As I steadily work with Reiki these days, I feel such appreciation for this energy that is literally at my fingertips.

My Reiki practice is like a gentle friend who is always there for me. Never worried if I stray for a day or two; always radiating beams of Love to me to receive whenever I am ready for it. And when I sink into my friend's arms, it's like coming home. I always feel that sense of comfort and ease when I'm hugged by Reiki. Like everything is okay and always will be.

Reiki gives me what I need, when I'm ready for it. When I have questions, Reiki provides me with the answers. When I'm uncertain, Reiki supports me and Loves me unconditionally. Reiki is the most beautiful teacher and guide I've ever had.

Reiki is playful. It shows itself to me in the loveliest of ways. In bright white light, swishes of colour, or bubbles in the sky; Reiki reveals itself to me with such delight. And when I'm offering Reiki to other souls, Reiki will show me the important things that are on their mind too, like spirit babies waving hello to their ready mamas.

Reiki is invigorating. It fills my body with such pure energy. It opens my heart and shows me the beauty in my softness. It helps me to go with the flow of my own life. It shows me how to tune into Universal forces and work with them. It showers me with a steady stream of support and life force.

Reiki is pure Love. It guides me to understand what it means to truly Love myself. It shows me how I can bring that Love into my moment to moment interactions. It accepts me as I am. Reiki shows me what happiness and Love really is.

And that is something I am eternally blessed to know.

Reiki is home. ♡

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