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How To Prepare For The Year Of The Phoenix

On Saturday January 28th, we welcome in a brand new cycle - The Year Of The Fire Phoenix! This cycle is also known as the Year Of The Rooster. Both animals are used interchangeably, but I have to say I love the Phoenix for it's spiritual meanings of rebirth and transformation.

The energy in the Fire Phoenix year is one of forward movement. The element of Fire is a perfect pairing for the Phoenix. The Phoenix rises from the ashes of fire and is reborn. So in this brand new cycle, expect to experience beautiful new transformations in your life. This is the time to claim your desires and live with passion. The Fire Phoenix brings great inspiration to support you to reach new heights this year.

There are some easy steps you can take to optimize your home environment to welcome in all the beautiful energy that the Fire Phoenix year has to offer. Don't worry about getting all of these things done before the 28th either! Work your way through this list slowly and do the tips that feel right. When you move at a pace that feels good to you, your personal energy will stay balanced, and that is the goal of Feng Shui at the end of the day!

Clear out your clutter.

There's usually at least one place in the house that we prefer not to go anywhere near if we can help it! I'm sure you know the room / drawer / desk / box, etc. When we have a space like this, it usually means that stagnant energy has piled up and needs to be tended to. There is often something in our life that we aren't addressing on an emotional level and this leads to clutter. Do your best to tackle this space bit by bit. You'll find that the emotions or thoughts surrounding this space get cleared out as you clean things up, and you feel so much more inspired to continue! And before you know it, you'll have a fresh space swimming with beautiful energy.

Cleanse your home energetically.

Get that sage stick and get smudging! It's a wonderful idea to cleanse out the energy of the past year, whether it was amazing or not so great. Smudging your home is a symbolic act that helps you to release what you no longer need, and welcome in an abundance of positive, loving energy. If you find that smudging with sage isn't a deep enough cleansing for you, a Fire Clearing may be a better solution. Fire Clearings are powerful cleansing rituals and should be done (and taught to you) by a qualified Feng Shui Consultant.

Make your bedroom a sacred, restful space.

Your bedroom is the space that is most connected to your personal energy. It should feel clean, warm, supportive and inviting. The bedroom is for rest, rejuvenation and connecting with yourself and your partner (if you have one). Creating an altar space for special items or to remind you of your intentions this year is a wonderful idea. Make sure your bedroom is clutter-free and reflects how you want to feel this year.

Create a space in your home for meditation, prayer and naptime.

This can be an area in your bedroom, or if you have the space, a separate location in your home. With the intensity of the Fire Phoenix energy, you will want to have a dedicated space where you can take time out daily to replenish and reconnect to yourself. You can place inspirational books you love here, your journal, crystals, incense, singing bowls, candles, anything that inspires you to turn inwards.

Make your front entrance welcoming and inviting.

Your front door is known as the Mouth of Chi in Feng Shui - it is the place where energy flows into the home. Make sure that this space is clutter free! Decorating it with red pops of colour, beautiful plants, or a Buddha are wonderful ways to invite in more positive energy and make this year your best one yet.

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