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What's On My Bookshelf {I}

I've been a book lover since I learned how to read. As a child, I had oodles of books. My parents always encouraged me to read. One of my favourite memories is when my mom and I would make our weekly trip to the local library and I would pick out 15-20 books to read over the course of that week! The books would sit in a laundry basket in our living room, and I would happily devour every page, swimming in stories of new places and characters.

I still love the feeling of cracking open a new book; the smell of the pages, the weight of a book in my hands (or lap) and the way the words always take me away is enough to send me straight to my happy place.

If you've ever come over to my home for a Reiki session or training, you've probably seen that my little bookshelf is filled to the brim with books! These days, I'm more drawn to books on spirituality and healing.

I often get email requests to share some book recommendations on Reiki and spirituality. I thought it might be a nice idea to do a blog series about which books I'm currently reading and enjoying!

First up is: The Essential Rumi, translation by Coleman Barks

I bought this book many years ago, and it's one that I continue to come back to. I love Rumi so much that I had one of his quotes printed on the back of my business cards (it's "the very centre of your heart is where life begins..." in case you're wondering!)

There is something so perfect and deep and magical about this book. It's one of those things I am not able to fully put into words. I really love opening up this book to a random poem, and the words always give me comfort and insight and knowing. It's always the message I most need to receive at the moment.

Next up: 1001 Ways To Live Wild, by Barbara Ann Kipfer

This book called to me at the bookstore a couple months ago. It's a beautiful little collection of easy suggestions on how to live your life in tune with Nature. This book is all about taking the time to frolic and have fun! It also has gorgeous quotes and artwork! I love reading this book in random snippets and it is such a lovely tool to shake up your routine and savour your daily moments more.

And lastly: Ask and It Is Given, by Abraham Hicks

To me, this is the quintessential book on spirituality. This is the book I most often recommend to everyone who comes to me for Reiki, or for the trainings and workshops I offer.

Abraham Hicks are my spiritual teachers. I base everything I teach off of their teachings. This very special book has been with me for the last few years and it's one that I return to again and again. I always get something new from it! It's a wonderful book to read before bed nightly, so all that beautiful information can be integrated while you sleep.

Any questions about these books, or do you have some of your own faves to share? Leave me a comment below! You can also pop over to my Pinterest board, Inspired Reading, to peek at a few of my other fave titles!

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