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  • Naaz

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Hello lovely one, and thank you so much for popping by!

This blog has been in the making for many months now. It was something I felt drawn towards creating earlier this year and I did so with enthusiasm and eagerness. I created a space that felt the most like me - and then something happened. I suddenly didn't feel the urge to write anymore. To be honest, I was a little unsure about beginning something like this.

You see, I'm not really a blogger. I love to write and I'm always honoured when dear souls ask me to collaborate with them and write a blog for their websites or articles for their magazines. But when it comes to maintaining a blog of my own, I hesitated. Would I be able to keep up with posting regularly? Would I feel comfortable sharing more of myself in an online forum?

I didn't really have the answers to those questions, so I left everything as is, and went on about my life and business as usual. This space stayed as it was, quietly waiting for me to return when I was ready.

The last few months have been filled with transitions and shifts for me. They have all ultimately been beautiful shifts, but like any change, it takes a little while to become acclimated to them. But as I started to grow and become more comfortable with who I am, it began to feel right to share more of myself with others. I changed up the Earth Elements newsletter, making a declaration to share more of my journey on there, and in workshops I would share more stories about my experiences.

And you know what? It all felt so wonderful! And in the process of sharing, something even lovelier happened. The beautiful people who had been following my business reached out to me to tell me how much they liked where this was going. And I felt more connected than ever before. In letting go of the thoughts that were holding me back, I created space to allow deeper connections to develop - with myself and with the others around me.

I liked that feeling a lot. The idea of this blog would pop into my mind here and there but I didn't give it too much thought - until yesterday. I was chatting with two of my beautiful friends (one in the morning and one at night, both of whom lived across the world from each other) and they both mentioned blogging (one of them outright asked me if I had ever considered starting a blog!)

There were more nudges from the Universe after I chatted with them, and so I took it all as a sign that this space needed words. It needed my words. And finally, I felt ready.

It is my intention that this blog become a safe and joyful space to share. I will share myself here with you; my journey, my sacred rituals, my love for crystals, nature, energy work and creating a beautiful life. And if you feel comfortable, you can share yourself with me here too. I welcome comments, questions, and hellos. If you would prefer to chat with me privately, you can always send me an email at hello (at)

I'm really happy to be here and I'm glad you're here too. I'm so looking forward to this journey we will share together.

- Naaz

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