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Nettle Leaf Infusion: A Nourishing Recipe

As a healer, it's really important for me to take good care of my own health and Well-Being. When I'm feeling good; when I'm filled up, I'm able to take care of my business and my wonderful clients with ease.

Good, wholesome nutrition is one of the key parts of maintaining my own Well-Being. I eat mainly organic, whole foods, and I supplement my diet with herbs, elixirs, and teas.

One of my favourite nourishing tonics is nettle leaf infusion. I drink 1-2 quarts of this infusion every week, and I find it really helps me feel my best.

Nettle is a very nourishing herb that is rich in nutrients. It supports the adrenals, elevates the mood, restores energy, and helps you get a deeper night's sleep. It's also wonderful to strengthen your hair and nails, gives you glowing skin, and provides a general sense of Well-Being to your physical and emotional body.

According to the lovely Susun Weed, "A quart of nettle infusion contains more than 1000 milligrams of calcium, 15000 IU of vitamin A, 760 milligrams of vitamin K, 10% protein, and lavish amounts of most B vitamins."

Nettle is a really good choice for women who could use some support for their menstrual cycles (whether it's regulating your cycle, or feeling more at ease throughout your cycle), and it's a great support for conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. It is known as one of the best herbs for pregnancy and beyond, as it helps nourish both mama and baby with vital nutrients before, during, and after pregnancy. It's also wonderful to increase the richness and quantity of breastmilk.

Nettle is an herb that can be safely taken everyday. Of course, if you have any concerns about this herb, always consult your healthcare practitioner.

In order to get the full benefits of this beautiful plant, it's important to prepare a nettle leaf infusion. An infusion is stronger than a tea or tincture, as it is steeped for several hours. Infusions will provide you with all the wonderful nutrition that nettle has to offer.

You can purchase dried nettle leaf at many health food stores, online at Mountain Rose Herbs, or on Amazon. My preference is organic, and I love this brand from Amazon (not an affiliate link).

To prepare a nettle leaf infusion:

Place 2 tablespoons of dried nettle leaf in a quart sized mason jar

Boil a quart of water (ideally filtered)

Fill your mason jar up and cover

Steep for 4 hours

Strain and enjoy.

Keep your nettle infusion refrigerated, as it tends to spoil at room temperature. Your infusion will keep well for a couple days in the fridge.

I like to drink half a quart of nettle infusion at a time. I prefer my nettles warm, so when the time comes for a mug, I gently warm it up in a small pot on the stove, so it retains its nutritional value.

Nettle is such a wonderful friend. I hope you enjoy this recipe and all the nourishment nettles will bring to your body and your Life!


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