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My Favourite Meditation Resources

Updated: Apr 3

Meditation is a very special part of my life. I've been meditating daily for 11 years. Starting my day with meditation is something that has become so natural to me, and it's a practice that I cherish deeply.

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to meditate, and to create space for this practice in their lives. Establishing a daily meditation practice is something that I talk about in my Reiki trainings, and also something I recommend to all my Reiki and Feng Shui clients.

The benefits of this practice are immense. I've talked a bit about these benefits in a blog I wrote earlier this year, but it is definitely worth talking about again.

Meditation helps you tune into what matters most; which is your connection with your Source, with your angels; with who you really are. Meditation helps you learn to let go of things that don't matter. The practice of gently releasing thoughts as you focus on a sound, or on your breath, helps you understand how to let go of thoughts that are unnecessary as you move through your days.

Meditation tunes you into your emotional guidance. It helps you remember the power in surrender, in letting go, in allowing your Source to take the lead. It shows you that when you release thoughts that don't feel good, you immediately feel lighter, more well, more at ease, more comfortable.

Meditation teaches you how to relax into your own natural Well-Being, and how natural it is for you to feel good, and to be fully connected with your Source.

In short, it's a powerful tool for healing, for feeling better, and for aligning yourself with all that you desire.

These are powerful times we are living in right now. With all that is unfolding in our personal and collective worlds, it's important to feel stable and steady in your knowing of who you are, and your ability to let in what you desire.

Meditation is a very simple way of finding that connection.

My meditation practice has shifted throughout the years. I used to have a dedicated meditation space with a cushion and mat, where I would sit with my back elongated for my entire practice. I've done meditation laying down as well, which would usually put me right to sleep.

My meditation happy place is sitting in bed, with my legs extended, and my pillows propping me up, nice and cozy under my duvet. The more comfortable I am, the easier it is for my mind to find its quiet place.

Play around with your meditation location, and the positions that feel best for you. I have some clients who find it difficult to sit for extended periods of time, and so, a laying down meditation is best for them. Other clients are very comfortable sitting for long periods of time and a meditation mat in a private space feels best for them.

Your body is unique in its needs and desires, so always honour what feels best for you.

Today, I'm sharing some of my favourite meditation resources; the apps and guided meditations that I love and use in my own practice. I hope it will inspire you to begin, or deepen, your own meditation practice.

This is an app I use daily. It's free to use and has purchase options as well. It has beautiful sounds on it, and a timer as well.

I particularly love the white noise on this app for my morning meditation. 20 minutes of gently guiding my mind back to the sound of white noise is a simple meditation practice that works wonders for me.

I love the sounds of Nature. There is a wonderful ocean sound on this app as well, that I play throughout the night. I find it always helps me fall asleep quickly, and is so soothing to wake up to.

Abraham Hicks are my teachers. I have only love for them, and for Esther and Jerry Hicks, the wonderful couple who brought these teachings into the world.

This offering is available as an app or a CD which you can purchase on Amazon or at most bookstores. It is a guided meditation on 4 subjects; General Well-Being, Financial Well-Being, Physical Well-Being, and Relationships Well-Being.

Each meditation is 15 minutes long. The music is specifically tailored to encourage you to breathe in a way that is most beneficial for your body. As you focus on this particular breath pattern, your mind naturally quiets, and Abraham offers you gentle affirmations on these 4 subjects in your life. The app has a bonus track with just the music as well.

These are beautiful meditations. For the past 9 years, I've cycled my white noise meditation with these ones, and I absolutely love them.

Insight Timer is an excellent resource. It has guided meditations, a timer for your own spiritual practices, courses, talks, dedicated groups, meditative music, live yoga classes - the list goes on!

This app also has a wonderful community on it, where you can meet new people, and reach out to thank them for meditating with you after your practice.

I love Insight Timer for all it offers. Sometimes, if I need a little time out during the day, I'll listen to singing bowls, or do a short breathing meditation, which always brings me back to centre. I also love using the timer for my self-Reiki sessions.

Insight is an amazing app, and most of the content is free to use. There are paid offerings and you can also donate to your favourite teachers.

I hope these resources support you on your meditation journey. Meditation is an accessible practice and it's available to everyone. A daily meditation is a practice that you can benefit immensely from, and it's easy to begin. It just takes dedication and a commitment to yourself.

Truly, after you experience the sweetness, steadiness, and ease that meditation will bring to your life, you'll find it easy to continue to integrate it into your days.

If you have any questions or want to share your favourite meditation resources, leave me a comment below. Happy meditating!


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