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Developing A Habit Of Positive, Loving, Mindful Self-Talk

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

A woman in a white dress with one hand on her heart, and the other on her tummy.

Being kind to yourself is such an important trait to nurture. Your thoughts and the way you feel matter a lot.

Your thoughts and your emotions hold enormous creative power. They are the basis for how your body feels, what you attract, and how your life unfolds.

And so, it's an important thing to gently begin to direct your thoughts and your emotions into more positive, loving directions; not only so that you feel better, but so your life can unfold in a way that is pleasing and beneficial to you.

Shifting the way you think takes some time and practice. It's natural to feel more comfortable in the habits of thought you have already developed. Often, our thoughts stem from what we see around us, and our reactions to life. If we place our attention upon things that feel good to us, then we perpetuate those good feeling experiences in our life. However, if we keep our attention upon things that don't feel so good, we are also perpetuating the creation (or maintenance) of things we don't want. The key is to learn when to let go.

Perhaps you have already recognized the power your thoughts hold. Maybe you've had the experience of thinking of someone, and they called you in a short period of time. Or, stating your desire for something, and having it manifest very quickly. These are all wonderful ways to begin to understand the power of your thought.

Two hands in a milky white bath, and there is a white flower in between them.

The most important thing you can do when shifting to more positive thought patterns is to begin to praise yourself. When you praise yourself, look for your positive qualities, and compliment yourself throughout your day, you are developing a more loving relationship with yourself. And that goes a long way in helping you feel good, and beginning to attract more positive experiences into your life.

Think of how nice it feels to say to yourself, "Hey, Sarah, you look really beautiful today," and mean it. "I love how pretty my eyes look today. My hair looks really great. I like how this shirt looks and feels on me."

One positive thought leads to another very quickly. When you start to praise yourself for simple things like how lovely you look, how well you did with a work project, how good you are feeling in your body, how much you are enjoying a meal you made, etc., you'll begin to find more positive perspectives on other subjects in your life too, and things will escalate (in the best possible way) quickly.

Now, here's the important part: only say these things to yourself if you're really feeling them. Depending on where you are currently at, sometimes looking for something positive in yourself feels like too much of a stretch, and in that case, it's alright.

It's enough to say, "Hey, I'm still working on seeing some goodness in me, and I'm looking forward to the time when that will be easier. In the meantime, there are other things in my life and in my world that do help me feel better, and for now, I will focus upon those."

A book that is open, and there is a cup of tea and some lilacs beside it.

Whether it's your dog, your cat, the sunshine on your skin, dipping your feet in the water, feeling the sand between your toes, making yourself a cup of tea, etc., anything that makes you feel good is on the path to cultivating those more positive thought patterns.

Just something simple that makes you say, "Ahhhh...that feels better," opens more pathways in your mind for gentle, loving, good feeling thoughts. And as you return to those happy places more and more, then you'll start to see yourself and things in your life from that better feeling state of being.

And your life will begin to reflect the more positive shifts you are making within yourself too.

Remember that the world will always show you how you feel. When you gently work towards feeling better and better, the world will reflect that back to you. You'll meet kind people in traffic, you'll get served by happy and helpful people in stores and restaurants, you'll have nicer interactions with your family and friends, and more things that you want will just begin to show up.

Your happiness really is your superpower. It's an indication of your alignment with your Source and your angels. And when you tap into that pure, Love Energy - well, that's some big time power you are accessing.

That's when your life unfolds with the perfection and magic that truly came here to live. ♥

Interested in learning more about how to direct your thoughts? We talk about this more deeply in my Online Reiki Training.


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