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What's On My Bookshelf {III}

Happy November! There is a slow shift of seasons happening here in Calgary right now. We are making a nice, gentle transition from Autumn into Winter. The air is getting a little chillier, the snowflakes are starting to fall, the sun is setting earlier...all signs that it's time to cozy up indoors with a cup of something warm and delicious, and a good book.

I figured this would be a nice time for another installment of the What's On My Bookshelf series! I've got a couple of wonderful titles for you to peruse through, as well as a bonus book for all you outdoorsy types who are in Calgary!

Here's what I'm loving right now:

I always have to include a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks since I adore them, and Abraham-Hicks are my spiritual teachers. This is such a beautiful book, and one of my all-time favourites. The consciousness of Abraham (a collective Non-Physical entity) teaches us how to attract and align with abundance in this book. It is such a powerful tool to understand your place in the Universe, how to allow in more money into your experience, and also how to align with vibrant health and live a happy, joyful life! Like all Abraham books, I've read this one so many times and each reading nets me more of an understanding of how this all works. Such a beautiful addition to any bookshelf!

I love this book! First off it's totally gorgeous. A beautiful, full colour hardcover book, with a front flap that is almost like opening a diary. This book has beautiful channelled messages from the angels, and you can use it in whatever way feels right to you. There is an angel message on every page which you can read in a daily, sequential order; or you can use this like an oracle card deck and simply open the book up to a random page and read the message that comes up! The illustrations are so lovely and the messages are always perfect. It's a wonderful book to add to your morning rituals. I like to use this book as an oracle after I meditate and do some journalling in the morning. The messages that come through are always gentle, easy to understand and perfect for what I need to know in the moment.

I came across the first Conversations With God book when I was very young; in my teens. I didn't understand most of the concepts presented in the book and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for years, untouched. Recently, I rediscovered the book, and as I was paging through it, I realized that not only did the material make so much more sense now, but it was incredibly similar to the Abraham-Hicks material that I so adore! It was such a happy discovery! I wanted to find more of the Conversations With God books, and when I went to the bookstore I came across this gem. This book is stunning - it has beautiful full colour photographs, along with excerpts of wisdom from the Conversations With God trilogy. I totally adore gazing at the photos and absorbing the beautiful wisdom of this book. It's a nice one to read a few pages from before bed.

And a bonus book for all of you who are local to Calgary! I came across this gem in Chapter's and it has quickly become my go to book for exploring our beautiful city on foot. I love spending time outdoors on walks and hikes, and this book has really helped me get out of my usual walking routes and discover so many hidden paths, trails and areas of Calgary! Lori is such a fantastic author, and this book has beautiful maps of trails, different walks with varying levels of challenge, and even her picks on the best coffee shops and restaurants that are in the vicinity of your walk. With the wonderful weather we've been having, it's been such a fun activity to pick an adventure walk from this book and go explore. So nourishing for the mind, body and spirit!

Hope you enjoy these wonderful books! Let me know if you have some recommendations for me in the comments below!

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