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Volunteers Wanted For Distance Reiki Practicums

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

If you've been following my Instagram or Facebook pages for awhile, you'll likely know that in 2020, I moved all my Reiki trainings online.

It was a natural decision with all the changes unfolding in our world. It also allowed me to open up the Reiki trainings to more of you. Instead of it being a local offering, I was able to extend my reach to those of you around the world who felt resonance with this course - such a lovely thing.

In the Level 2 and Master trainings, there is a Distance Reiki Practicum component. This is where my Reiki students get hands on experience on what it's like to offer a Distance Reiki Session to clients all over the world.

I'm always looking for volunteers for my practicum list, and today, I'm happy to open this list up to more of you who could benefit from a session. (If you'd like to learn more about Reiki and how it can help you, take a look at this blog post.)

You can be located anywhere in the world to participate. Once my students are booked in for their practicums, I send out an email to my list, which has the dates and times that we'll need volunteers for. The practicums take place on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, from 1-5pm MST / MDT.

These sessions happen in the comfort of your own home, and there aren't any calls that we need to be on. It's simply your time to relax and receive the Reiki energy.

Prior to your session, I’ll send over a package that will have some information on how your session will unfold, how to prepare for it, and how to best integrate the energy afterwards. There will also be a questionnaire for you to fill out, which will allow myself and my Reiki students to better assess your energy.

After your session, I'll send you an email with some insights from your Reiki practitioner and myself. You'll receive an angel card reading, and suggestions on how to best support yourself as you move forward on your path.

I do request that following your session, you send along your feedback about how things felt, landed, resonated - all that good stuff. Your feedback is always so helpful for these sessions, as it helps the students gain more confidence in their abilities.

If this feels like a good fit for you, you are welcome to sign up here.

And if you have any questions about this offering (or anything else), feel free to reach out anytime. ♥


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