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The Healing Power of Relaxation

Relaxation is such an important practice to incorporate into your daily self-care. It's essential to understand what a relaxed mind and body feels like.

When you are in a state of ease and relaxation, you are allowing your body to replenish and renew itself. Your body's natural healing abilities are activated when it's in a state of relaxed comfort.

Relaxation is something that many of us have to consciously practice. It's easy to get into a pattern of "go, go, go", and forget to take the time out to restore and renew our mind and body. Our society is based upon the premise that doing more is better, but that's often when things get out of balance in our bodies and in our lives.

When you make a decision to carve out time and space for your relaxation practices, then it becomes easier to break that cycle and begin a new one. It becomes easier to remember that nurturing yourself and keeping your own cup full is the way to live a happier, healthier, and more abundant Life.

Incorporating relaxation practices into your daily Life comes with another very powerful benefit; it opens you up to the Loving guidance of your Source and your angels. A relaxed mind and body helps you align with the Energy of pure, Divine Love. It helps you receive the precise guidance that is always flowing to you. Relaxation helps you remember how held, known, supported, and Loved you really are.

There is no right or wrong way to relax. All that is necessary is that you carve out some time each day (or a few times during your day) to just be.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate relaxation practices into your day:

- Set a timer for 15-30 minutes, and lay down somewhere comfortable. If you have some favourite crystals you are working with, place them on your body (your belly or solar plexus can feel really nice). Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your belly. If you're a Reiki practitioner, you can offer yourself Reiki during this time. If you feel like napping, let yourself drift off.

- Sit outside for awhile. You can lay on a blanket on the grass, under a tree, or in a hammock.

Gaze up at the sky, and feel the sunshine or the breeze against your skin. Gently listen for the sounds around you. Let yourself settle into the moment. Nowhere to be, nothing to do, but enjoy.

- Listen to your favourite music. Cozy up in your favourite chair, close your eyes, and let the melodies and lyrics take you away. Let yourself daydream about pleasant things.

- Listen to an uplifting talk. Maybe it's a TED talk, an Abraham Hicks workshop, or a talk from your favourite teacher. Sit or lay down, and let the wisdom flood over you.

- Cuddle with your favourite person or furry friend. Relax into the wonderful feeling of being held and loved. Listen to your favourite person's heartbeat. Tune into their breath. If you're with a furry friend, listen for their purr, or watch their tail wagging.

- Take a warm bath. Place your favourite crystals nearby, and light a few candles. Put on some soothing music (check out these playlists), slip into the tub, and let your mind and body float away.

There are many wonderful ways to restore your energy through relaxation. Be kind to yourself and create some time and space each day for your own replenishment.

Your mind and body will feel better, and you'll find yourself enjoying your Life so much more too. ♡


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