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The Collective: Awakening The Feminine Through Reiki

One of the most wonderful parts of the work I do, is witnessing the evolution and growth in the amazing souls who find me.

My work as a Reiki Master and Teacher is to share what I know as best I can, allow it to land, and trust that my beautiful clients and students will receive what they are ready for, and apply it as they see fit.

There aren't really words to describe the feeling of getting to know someone over a period of time, and having the opportunity to witness their path unfolding as they begin to apply what they are learning.

After years of teaching, I've come to understand that it's best to allow each individual's healing journey to unfold in their own personal way. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, other times the path to healing unfolds quite rapidly.

I met Jenna in my Reiki Level 2 group training at Junction 9 Yoga + Pilates earlier this year. Jenna was ready. When we met, I felt her willingness and openness right away. She listened with intensity to the material. She absorbed and integrated the energies. She connected with our group on many levels. She was a leader; bold, enthusiastic, generous.

As our paths continued to come together through Reiki sessions in the months to follow, I saw her energy soften. All the qualities I loved and admired about her remained, but there was a gentleness that was emerging. An embodiment of her true power; a knowing that all was well, an understanding of how to go with her flow. She became more powerful each time we met, more excited about her path, more alive.

It has been remarkable to witness the shift within her, and to watch her move forward on her path with such knowing and grace, has been nothing short of magical.

I'm happy to introduce you to Jenna today, and her story of awakening the feminine, on this edition of The Collective.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi

When I started seeking Reiki for myself, it was because I was in talk therapy and had this innate sense that there was more held within my body that talk therapy alone would not be able to release.

To be completely honest, I had gone to talk therapy initially because I was listening to a podcast and someone said, “If you’ve never had an orgasm, you should be in therapy because there’s something else going on”.

And it resonated with me so much.

For a while I had been thinking of seeking a therapist for a variety of reasons – but this was the moment that pushed me over the edge.

So, I began seeing a therapist and she was amazing. After a while though, I had this intuitive feeling that I also needed to see someone that would focus on what was held in my body as well.

I just knew that there was more within my body that talk therapy alone would not be able to release and heal – a more holistic view.

I began seeing a BodyTalk / Reiki healer and she also did wonders. I had gone to a Kundalini class of hers first – and my first Kundalini experience was intense. During the class I remember focusing a lot of my energy in my sacral chakra / sex organs because that was what I felt needed to be healed.

The next day after the class I had to call in sick to work because I had thrown up and had diarrhea throughout the night (which continued through the next day), was crying randomly, and extremely nauseous. I Googled my symptoms along with ‘Kundalini yoga’ and the internet told me I was likely going through a major vibrational change and to ride it out.

So that’s what I did. And have been doing ever since, really.

After my Kundalini experience, I was nervous to return to the practice of Kundalini yoga, but after feeling something so physically intense from an energetic practice, I knew even more that I needed something.

Energy work just made sense to me.

I’ve always sensed that I could feel things – aware of the ‘vibes’ people give off, or how certain places made me feel. So while I grew up on a farm, in the most grounded and ‘practical’ place, energy work drew me in. And when I found out that the Kundalini yoga teacher also offered BodyTalk / Reiki sessions, I felt drawn in.

Receiving Reiki felt extremely relaxing and vibrationally important for me. I always felt so seen and heard by my practitioner, but most importantly, I felt amazing in mind and body after each session.

When I started receiving Reiki, I was already on the journey to listening to myself more – to trusting myself, but Reiki really allowed me time to ‘put down the stick’ and remember who I truly was underneath all the masks I was wearing every day, and come home to myself.

I felt safe and heard and beautifully held and able to just be me when I was in a session. I left each session feeling a little more me.

I began to realize though that the person who felt so loved and held in my Reiki sessions was not in alignment with who I was living to be on the outside. I was working in a job I had grown to resent, I was in a living situation that did not best serve me, and I was residing in Saskatoon, when for years I had yearned to live in Calgary.

I finally proclaimed to my roommate one day that, “it’s not a matter of if I move to Calgary, but when!” and the Universe got right to work!

In a few short weeks after I had made that proclamation, I found myself in a new job, new apartment, new vehicle, new city.

There are many ‘reasons’ I feel I’ve come to be where I am now – my father getting sick, my Saturn Return, Kundalini awakening, Reiki – and I feel that all have contributed. Reiki is another transformational tool that has shaped my life to help me remember and reawaken to my true self.

Astrology, human design, yoga, Kundalini, and many other spiritual teachers / modalities have helped me recognize my true nature beneath society’s conditionings. And I believe that each of these modalities is simply a different ‘language’ that we use to interpret the energies around us, but I have found much comfort in the loving, pure, supportive, abundance of Reiki energy.

In Western Astrology, I am Scorpio (with a lot of Scorpio and transformative energy in my natal chart), which means I am in for the deep work; I love to go deep and intense and transform. This has definitely been the case for me, but I feel so lucky to have felt Reiki and have that energy in my life as I feel that I can go to the depths of my “shadow” side and uproot the areas to be transformed.

Reiki (and especially Naaz’s teachings on Reiki) have allowed me to transform it with love and universal healing and expansive abundance that is so uplifting. It’s very possible to get stuck in the depths of your healing, in the victim mindset, and the wearing your wounds as the armour to the world, but Reiki has supported me in alchemizing my shadow into beautiful parts of me.

After my last session with my practitioner in Saskatoon, I remember having the thought, I could be doing this.

I had been immersing myself deeply in all things intuitive and spiritual for months and felt called to practice Reiki myself.

So, I followed my intuition and was attuned the first time in October, and then received my second, beautiful attunement from Naaz this past March. With each attunement and each client I serve, I am reminded of the beautiful support all around us.

I always take in the big picture approach to life – and therefore in healing as well. For me, Reiki is another part of my life, my healing, another tool in my toolbelt. It serves alongside therapy, Kundalini, astrology, human design, and reawakening my intuition.

Overall it has been about deconditioning, reconnecting to myself, and empowering my feminine.

It is loving, healing, and has helped me level up and vibrate higher than before, and become stronger in my sense of self and seeing the synchronicities in life.

It is, and always will be, a beautiful part of my journey.

My name is Jenna MacIntyre and I am passionate about empowering the feminine. I believe that I am here to serve women by empowering them along their journey through first, deconditioning from who society told them to be, and then allowing space for them to remember and reawaken to their own unique power.

I am a Level II Reiki practitioner and use a variety of modalities, including Reiki, psychology, astrology, and human design to help guide and prompt women to remember and reawaken to their true selves.

I offer ‘Sourcing Sessions’ which are my unique blend of these modalities.

I believe in holistic healing – that each individual is unique and therefore will seek a unique way of healing. There may be times when it’s necessary to focus on embodiment practices, breathwork, speaking aloud, or feeling seen and understood through how you energetically connect with the world around you, and always followed by loving, healing Reiki.

I am the Owner and Healer behind my own company, The Fair One. You can follow me on Instagram and find more information through my website.

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