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The Collective: How I Learned To Work With Reiki Energy

Happy New Year lovely souls! I hope you're all having an amazing start to 2019 so far.

I wanted to kick off the first blog post of the year with a new series that I'm excited to introduce called: The Collective.

The intention of The Collective is to highlight beautiful beings who are using energy healing tools in their own lives, offer them a space in which to tell their story, and give us insight into how their personal work is transforming their lives. It's a series that I hope you will find as insightful as I do. It may even give you some inspiration to embark upon a healing journey of your own!

Our first story comes from the lovely Michelle Roussin, of Santosha Poetry. Michelle and I have known each other for many years, and she came through all three levels of my Reiki training program. She is a very talented Reiki Master, reflexologist, poet, and has most recently created Poetic Pendants, which is her line of necklaces with her gorgeous poetry.

Michelle is an incredible soul; she's thoughtful, loving, and very intuitive. She has a clear, gentle energy about her. She always has a kind word to offer everyone, and I always love spending time with her.

I'm so happy to introduce you to Michelle, and the ways in which she learned to work with the energy of Reiki. Without further ado, here's her story.

Feeling good is the foundation of abundance. Reiki energy flows like poetry in my world.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. When we can align with this energy, we step into the abundance direction, or the dream direction, as I like to call it. We gain momentum and move into a higher vibration and there we can manifest what we desire.

Of course, the opposite is also true, when we are being pulled away from our center (source energy), the pendulum can swing the opposite way, and this is where struggle occurs.

I have learned through the experience of both bliss and woes, that we allow ourselves to move in either direction, and we can also correct the momentum to work in our favour.

I have a long history of working in the Oil and Gas Industry in a deadline driven accounting position, and as time went by it became very apparent that I needed change. I know all too well what it’s like to be caught up in the ‘busy’ ness and to not feel like there’s a moment during the day to reflect or a pause to be mindful, or time to be creative, to taste the food you’re are eating, to clear your mind and just be.

Having always been drawn to natural healing, I exposed myself and learned all I could about self help, Yoga philosophy, essential oils, crystals, angels, Reflexology, the law of attraction, journaling, expressing gratitude and Shamanic healing.

I searched for all I could in this area, in hopes that something would be the catalyst to the change I wanted. I was always looking for the better life, and my intuition told me there must be something more to this pursuit of happiness.

I longed for a more authentic life, where I could express myself and find the balance, I think we all crave. I was so relieved to find Reiki and to get more intimate with this magical healing energy.

Now that I have moved on from a career that no longer served me, I am working at things I love, opportunities present themselves, even more abundance is coming to me and my spouse in the way of his career and energy, both have sky rocketed, and I see how I was affecting him too.

Life is short, we must find joy.

After my first Reiki attunement, I did feel a shift, I realized everything I longed for, was inside of me. I just need to align with source and allow all that I desire, and that’s the greatest feeling.

Genuine connection has always been more important to me than shock and awe, and now I know that the connection with source energy is the most available and important connection to have.

I use Reiki every day, it’s like my reset button, a break, a pause and a way for me to connect with me, regain mindfulness and align with my source. It’s like a walk in nature, a cuddle with a puppy, or a stop to smell the roses. Reiki doesn’t require any special tools and I can tune into the Energy where ever I find myself.

Now when I become overwhelmed or have so many things going on that I can’t focus, I retreat.

A regular self-reiki practice has enabled me to recognize when I need to take a pause. When stress starts to take over, I pay attention to the messages and signals that my body is giving me, and I pause, take a deep breath, and become mindful, whatever I must do to make that moment just a little bit better.

I am never going to do my best work while pushing through with stress and anxiety, but I will work wonders by letting go and allowing all the blessings to come to me.

And they do come.

Good morning freedom, the air is sweet

Sun shine beams on my peace retreat

Nourish my soul; my weekend assignment

Return to my center and back to alignment

Inhale the benefits of recreation

Release all worry on exhalation

Follow my instinct and things become clear

No need to turn in society’s gear

Take hold the momentum, tour with pleasure

Mindfully being and creating leisure

My intuition will guide, she knows the way

Santosha is here and wants to stay

Though outside is cold with a blanket of snow

Creative juices are squirming and ready to flow

You are free to trust the process now

Angels will drive, when you allow

Grounding energy, child of the Earth

Your path was planned before your birth

I reach for the stars, without taking flight

Inward appointment with my soul and my light

© 2018

Michelle is an old soul, she was told by a Shaman that she has been a healer in many lives, and this resonated profoundly with her. Michelle writes personalized and uplifting poetry, designs and hand types poetic pendants, and offers Reflexology and Reiki healing sessions. She believes that creativity and spirituality walk hand in hand.

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