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3 Crystals To Invite More Self-Love Into Your Life

Self-love is such an important trait to nurture. The more you love yourself, the better life is; the happier you are, the more abundance flows, the better your relationships become.

There is so much information out there devoted to this concept; it seems like most everyone could use a little more self-love in their lives.

But what does it really mean to love yourself? What does it look like, and more importantly, what does it feel like?

To me, loving myself means finding resonance with my Soul; my Spirit, the Source of who I am.

There's a quote by my beautiful teachers, Abraham-Hicks, that I absolutely adore:

"Self-love is not the love of Self, but the Self that loves."

I love this quote so much because it reminds me that who I really am is Love. It helps me to remember that tuning myself to the frequency of my Spirit; the one who always offers Unconditional Love, is the only thing that matters.

Tuning myself to this Love takes practice, and sometimes I fall out of it, and that's okay. While self-love is certainly about finding the vibration of Love, it's also about being kind to yourself when you're not there either. It's about understanding that you have the ability to come back to Love anytime you choose.

The easiest way for me to know when I am tuned to this Love, is that I feel wonderful. I feel eager, and at ease. I feel happy, and loving and well. I feel replenished, because I am allowing the Love of my Source to flow to me. And as I allow this Love to flow to me, only then can I flow it to the world around me.

I'm learning more that when I gently tune myself to this Love, moment by moment, I find more steadiness and stableness in my self-love. I tune myself to this frequency by being sensitive to the way I feel. When I find myself focusing in a way that doesn't feel good to me, I do my best to release those thoughts and refocus on something that does feel good. It's easiest to do this when I catch myself early in the thought, rather than when momentum has built up.

But if that momentum has taken over, that's okay, I just do what I need to do to come back to my natural state of happiness - I take a walk, or offer myself Reiki, spend some time with a crystal, take a nap, play with my cat, watch something happy, dance...and soon, I am back to being who I really am.

The beautiful thing is, not only does it feel amazing when I allow this Love to flow, but the Universe reflects that Love back to me in so many ways; through the people who come into my experience, the assistance that shows up at the perfect moment, the flora and fauna that play with me when I'm out in just gets sweeter when you let yourself Love and be Loved.

There are some wonderful crystals out there that can assist with tuning your vibration to the frequency of Love. The crystals I'm going to share with you are some of my personal favourites; when work with them consistently, I feel myself blossoming into the beautiful experience of Love.

To work with these crystals, you can carry a small piece with you, wear them as jewellery, place a piece on your bedside table, or use them in meditation. The more often you bring them into your energy field, the better work they will do for you. ♡

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of Unconditional Love. It has a very soft, gentle, yet powerful energy. It helps you remember that love is who you are and love is all there is. It softens the heart and helps you open up to receive the Love that is always surrounding you.

Rose Quartz is beautiful for all types of healing and is particularly wonderful for encouraging fertility, a happy and healthy pregnancy, and is so supportive for birth and the post-partum period.

It's also a lovely crystal to help attract love in all its forms into your life. This can be the love of a significant other, friendships, or being surrounded by more loving and supportive people. It helps to nurture all your existing relationships as well.

It truly has an all-encompassing energy of Love, which to me is synonymous with Well-Being. Rose Quartz helps you release worry, and trust in the Divine plan. It helps you remember that you are such an important part of this Universe and supports you in seeing your life from the perspective of Spirit. Rose Quartz is like a big, gentle hug from the Universe in crystal form, helping you to remember that all truly is well.


Amethyst is such a beautiful crystal. It helps you connect with your angels and spirit guides more deeply. I think it is a wonderful self-love crystal for that very reason! When you are connected with your angelic team, you come to know that you are loved beyond measure, worthy of all that you desire, and that you have the ability to receive all of it.

Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to support meditation as well. It helps you to relax into your natural state of being during meditation, and find that connection with your Spirit. It's a beautiful support for all types of healing and helps you find balance and ease as you move through your days.

Amethyst really is a crystal of empowerment; and when you begin to embody the vibration of Love more and more, you will find that your natural power increases, because you have synced up with the power of the Universe. Amethyst helps you to remember that you are Spirit in human form, and that you are part of the energy that has created all that exists.


Carnelian is another amazing power crystal. It has an uplifting, joyful energy to it. Joy really is Love embodied! When you feel happy, joyful and excited about life, that means you are allowing the Love of your Spirit to flow in a powerful way.

Carnelian supports confidence, and brings a sense of warmth and passion into your energy field. It's a beautiful crystal for new beginnings and helps you completely devote yourself to a new path in life. It's a wonderful ally for those involved in any form of business, as well as those who would like to feel passion and exuberance for life again.

It's a lovely support to help you go with the flow, and helps to heal and nourish the entire reproductive system. Carnelian is another beautiful crystal for fertility and pregnancy, and is a gorgeous stone to help you embrace your full, Divine power. Carnelian is like a warm friend, who is cheering you on every step of your path, helping you to remember that you really are capable of realizing your deepest, most cherished desires.

Do you have some favourite crystals to support self-love? Share them with me in the comments! ♡


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